Hi all ! I have just bought a new computer with a BENQ 40X12X48 CD.R/W. When I play some disks, I hear a grinding noise usually at start up and when I eject also some disks won’t eject without me shutting down the computer! Also some disks that I have burnt aren’t recognised when I try to play them back.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

lol i have the same burner sounds like urs is f@@ked

Thanks mate ! That makes me feel a whole lot better. lol:confused: Gazza

eheh well there isn’t allot that can go wrong with the burner.

1. The burner is f@@ked like i said.

2. The driver for the burner has some conflict with another piece of software

3. The burner utility itself whatever that is may not supported the burner
try using the software that came with the burner.

4. the OS itself may not be the most stable OS arround

was it crashing before u got the burner or just as u use it to burn stuff.

if all else fails take it out of the mechine take it over to a friends house install it over there and test it out.

btw i hope u kept the reciept

oh yeah one more thing if u didn’t place in the burner urself take it back to the place where u got it as it removing it urself may void the warrenty