Is there anywhere you can get a NEW BenQ burner? BenQ seems like it’s the best all around burner for scanning and writing from what I’ve been reading on these forums lately. I have a Samsung SH-S182M and want another good quality scanner/burner to read and have as the back up. I can’t seem to find one, since I guess they don’t make them anymore. I figure somewhere has to have a few left over. :confused:

Have a read through this thread.

I have found two BenQ DW1655s so far this year. One (Connect brand) is from CompUSA (earlier this year) and the other (retail) is from newegg (10 days ago).

In the UK you can still find retail 1650s in PC World. :slight_smile:

Same here.

I’m very surprised that they’re still available. Benq drives are generally held in high regard.

I would’ve thought that they’d have been snapped up by now.

Me too.

I just missed a DW 1655 on Newegg last night, they probably have some but only are releasing a few at a time.:wink:

BenQs are not universally praised, even on this forum. I don’t think the average user even recognises it as a good burner brand, preferring Pioneer/NEC/Lite-ON/LG/etc.

He already has a 1650 - :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah but he didn’t mention that in this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

He didn’t know it himself until after he started this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes BenQ might not be universally praised because it’s not a world known brand for some. For example, I never knew BenQ burners until I joined this forum. However, this forum praised BenQ during its time, for some of its models, as you can see in almost every polls like this poll and another poll and currently DW1655 is first in our top 5 device January 2007 edition. Not to mention that we reviewers/editors gave the BenQ DW1640 our highest recognition, Editors Choice. Btw, we skipped the DW1650/1655 review because of technical difficulties when BenQ/Lite-On merged.

BenQ is an old hat? yes. Overrated? IMO no for the reasons above. Not all burners, even new burners have all the features BenQ offers (overburning, etc). However since the BenQ 1640/1650/1655 firmwares are not currently updated, newer burners will exceed BenQs burn quality.

As always everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, we welcome and appreciate that!

I think one of the reasons that BenQ has not been universally praised is that there were quality control issues with many of the 1620/1640/1650/1655 drives. Many of us have gone through a half dozen drives or more trying to find a drive that scans without speed drops, reads DL pressed discs without spinning up and down erratically, and burns 97-99% most of the time… finding a drive that does all of these, all the time, means going through multiple drives unless you are very lucky!

Of my BenQ collection:

1 Retail 1640 - miracle drive

1 Bulk 1640 - miracle drive

1 Bulk 1640 - average burning, speed drop at 135mb when scanning, up/down reading issues

1 Retail 1655 - burns above average, speed drop at 135mb when scanning, up/down reading issues

1 Retail 1640 - burns above average, speed drop at 135mb when scanning, up/down reading issues, reports higher jitter

1 OEM 1655 - poor to average burns, speed drop at 135mb when scanning, reports higher jitter

1 OEM 1620 - very good consistency good to very good burns, speed drop at 135mb when scanning

1 OEM 1650 - average burns, speed drop at 135mb when scanning, reports higher jitter

1 Retail 1650 - above average burns, speed drops EVERY 135mb when scanning, up/down reading issues

Obviously the speed dip at 135MB is a common characteristic of these drives more than a truly defective drive. You make it sound as though most of your drives were defective. Some drives are just a little bit better readers than other.

My list does not include defective drives that I RMA’d or those I have used for parts… only working drives.

So you acutally did find a “perfect” drive. I’d rather live with the defects than to spend that kind of money :disagree:

Most people would not buy 10 drives. They would move on. Not every BenQ drive is created equal, so people have different experiences. As I said, that’s the main reason I think BenQ is not universally praised on the forum. I remember a lot of people having issues with 1620’s being defective when they were first released.

I RMA’d and returned several BenQ 1620/1640 drives to mail order and local stores but i do have 1620/40/55 still in my machine or put away for later use.
What one spends money on should not be someone else’s business anyway.
I have 10 drives here and most people would not have bought what i have either.

Money is not really an issue as certainly a lot of us here consider DVD to be a hobby. If you were a car collector, you’d certainly have as many cars as you could afford! There is not really much difference, and DVD drives are certainly cheap these days at under $60 retail.

I buy new drives (of all makes and models) all the time for experimentation and to have fun with them…

I would have more drives if my wife would let me :doh: Dang women :iagree: