BenQ worth hunting down?

I’m in the market for 2 new burners. I need one for burning and the other for scanning. It seems that alot of people recommend a Pioneer for burning and Liteon for scanning however BenQ has been regarded as doing both quite well the 1640/1650 [ I have a PX-716A atm and I don’t think its worth the premium price so far ]

So I ask is it worth hunting down the BenQ burners ? As I’m not sure whats the benefits of the new burners as I’ll only be burning at 8x and at most 16x not 20x

I’m after quality burning and precise scanning.

EDIT: I mostly use top quality media, verbatim 8x,16x and TY 8x,16x

Rolf, Plextor 716A is as good as you get, it’s the King of burners.
Scan perfect, burn extremly well, etc.
To bad that that drives is gone.

benq dw1650/1655 is great drive. Mine will stay in the system for very long time.