BENQ won't burn?

Hi everyone.

Lately my computer has been mucking up when I try to burn a DVD, and I need a little help. Here are my computers specs…

Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 3.00GHz (2 CPUs)
Operating System: Windows XP Professional
Memory: 1024MB RAM
Video Card: RADEON X600 Series
Sound Card: C-Media Rear Panel Audio
Recording Device: BENQ DVD DD DW1640
Burning Software:
Nero OEM

I have tried burning with:
Phillips DVD+R 4.7GB 120MIN 1-16x SPEED
Phillips DVD-R 4.7GB 120MIN 1-16x SPEED

Will these 50 DVD’s right here go to waste?
Do I have to buy a new DVD burner?

Could someone offer me a cheap alternative to fix this problem ASAP!


Could we get more details as to what exactly is happening when you try to burn these discs? I’m assuming you’re using Nero to burn. I’d suggest BSLB for the firmware for the 1640 BTW. While Philips isn’t the greatest of media, they typically use average media and the 1640 should handle the discs fine, and I’d try 8x as a starting point for a burn speed. Are you getting some particular error when trying to burn? Do the burns start at all, or fail partway through the burn or at the end, or? What burn speed(s) are you trying with the discs? Are you having similar problems with other media?


Sorry for offering little information on what exactly happens. Well, I tried backing up files for one of the online games I play, and it started burning. It got all the way through and unexpectidly, right before the end, it gets an error :doh:

Could you possibly explain what “BSLB Firmware” is? I’m IT litterate, but not on this exact topic.

[EDIT] - I am currently trying to burn 2 movie files to a DVD+R RW. Also, here are some pictures of something that may help.

The above picture is before I insert the DVD+R RW

The above picture is after I insert the DVD+R RW

You should see the DVD-RW drive turn into a regular CD drive?

Any ideas?


It’s fine, it’s how those drive act like when you insert blank media. Have you installed Nero or other burning software? If you did, just start Nero, and choose the right task and start burning!

Don’t use Windows XP’s “Drag & Drop & Burn” for burning DVD, you need a burning software to do that.

you could uninstall your secondary IDE channel and reboot, i had that problem once & that fixed it

BSLB is a firmware version, burners use firmware to improve burn quality and other aspects of the drive’s functionality. It’s not the newest firmware for the drive (BSRB), but it’s a favorite among many, including myself, as it seems to be the least ‘buggy’ among other things and performs very well. You can download it here - Also, download the newest version of Nero CD-DVD Speed, as you get more into DVD Burning you’ll find that it’s a very useful program - tells you your burner’s firmware, the actual manufacturer of your DVDs, allows you to burn test discs, you can test your burned discs for readability and overall burn quality, etc.

As suggested above, definitely do not use Window’s built-in burning abilities, use something like Nero Burning ROM, and select 8x as a burn speed would be my other suggestion as I mentioned before. Another option is ImgBurn, a good freeware program that can also burn your files, ISO images, etc. If you’d like to use it, select ‘mode-build’, drag and drop whatever files you’d like to burn, select 8x as the burn speed, and press the large button on the bottom left to burn the disc.

Thank you Skylon!

I tried burning 2 .AVI files to a DVD last night and it worked!!! It only took 4 hours, 4 minutes and 59 seconds though! :frowning:

Again, thank you all for your help! I will be sure to post here again if I ever have problems.

BEST Regards,

If it took that long, it sounds like you probably did a video conversion using something like NeroVision or Nero Recode. I have no idea if you specifically wanted to do this, that’s a whole different subject. The actual burn process of a full DVD at 8x only takes about 8 minutes, so the remaining time you mentioned was probably performing a conversion to a compliant ‘DVD VIDEO’ format that is playable on any standard DVD player.