Benq vs. Pioneer 111D on Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 16x


Which one shall i buy the Pioneer 111D or the Benq DW1650 or Benq DQ60? The DVD burner needs to burn Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 16x well and scan it well. It also needs to burn and scan Verbatim DVD+R DL well. It also needs to burn and scan Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs well. DVD-RAM write capability would be a plus!

I currently have a NEC 3550a and a NEC 3540 DVD burners.


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sorry bud I have both a 1650 and 111 but no 16x media :confused:

I’ll see if I can get some samples from somewhere.

My BenQ DW1655, which should be identical to the 1650 except for added LightScribe, burns Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD-R (TYG03) as well as or better than my other drives but prefers to burn at 12x instead of 16x. I burn with SolidBurn and WOPC enabled.

The same drive also burns TY 48x CD-R (Plextor branded) with very good quality, although I can get slightly better results with my Plextor drive and with my NEC 4551 drive at slower speeds.

I don’t burn much DL media and I don’t have any of the other drives you wanted opinions on.

Here are two scans from 1) 111D@111L w/8.19 and 2) 1655 w/BCGB on TYG03. Both were first burns at 16x CAV. The 111 does a very good job on MKM001 media.

I have both the 1650 and 111L. I’d get another BenQ again; the pioneer is too noisy and doesn’t burn nearly as well, plus it scans at <3x and doesn’t do jitter scan. I don’t use DVD-RAM so there goes the Pio’s one advantage.
Forget the Pioneer, you’ll love the BenQ.

Personally i would never buy a Benq after waht happened to my philips (cant remember the model but its the same as the 1650) . Had to return it due to the fact that bits started coming out from the inside when i ejected the discs (mostly foam paddng parts which must be used for dampening). The drive wouldnt burn above 4x so i took it back (it rattled by this stage if you shook it btw) and got a refund. Then i ordered a 111d from svp, flashed it to a 111l (just because i could) and havent looked back since! Maybe just a bad experience on my part, but from what the manager in PC World told me they were gettig a lot of Philips drives back at that time (perhaps the shipment was damaged in transit???).

Anyways, both are good drives and i loved the philips (which was crossflashed to a 1650 btw) until it fell to pieces. The only compatibility problem ihad was with ricohjpn03 discs which it seemed to hate, yet the pioneer loves them. Probably sorted out by now tho

That depends mainly on the firmware on the drive, the media and burnspeed.
Some firmwares have riplock removed, so the noise will increase…