BenQ utilities on a Liteon drive?

Hi all,
I just bought a LiteOn LH-20A1P drive (I searched for a Benq DW1800 but they were unavailable in my region).

However, I found LiteOn’s utility/firmware quite poor, since it seems Hypertuning is always or never active (Benq learns the strategy only for unknown drives) and since I don’t have the Blank Media scan utility like in QSuite.

I don’t know where, but I remember having read about a liteon->benq crossflashing.

Is it possible? using QSuite under VirtualPC under Mac OS X would be quite annoying, but better than nothing.

Since we are speaking of crossflashing, could someone tell me if changing from A1P to A1H would REALLY give me Lightscribe? I mean,has someone TRIED it?

I have not seen any crossflash from Liteon to BenQ. They are different hardware and crossflashing is generally fro OEM type drives where the hardware is the same.

The BenQ DW1800 and beyond are actually LiteOn hardware and they can be crossflashed. Look for examples in this forum.

You CAN crossflash a 20A1P to the BenQ equivalent, DW2000. I’ve converted my 20A1H to a 2010. But before you do that, make sure you back up your EEPROM data on the 20A1P first. You can find the patched firmwares here, as well as the EEPROM utility. Here is another thread of interest. Just make sure you read and accept the responbilities before any attempt, since there’s always a risk of killing the drive.

Converting 20A1P to 20A1H is useless because 20A1P doesn’t have the hardware used for LightScribe, so the answer is no.

Thank you very much!
I read in that thread that DW2000 does not support QScan… doh.

Thanks for the update. With the BenQs all but deceased, I missed info on the last of the line.

I flashed my Lite-On 20A1P to BenQ 2000 using one of C0deKings fb/eos f/w’s. Burned a T02 @18X and got a really decent quality scan. It’s posted here somewhere.

As a side question, would the scan capabilities improve with the BenQ firmware? my old DW1640 was able to measure jitter on the fly, now the LiteOn has do make a second pass only for the jitter measurement.
I also read the LiteOns drop many frames during scan, thus having higher ECC. Is the mechanics or the firmware that matters the most?

It’s all ok mate. The 20A1P and DW2000 have no differences scan wise -it shouldn’t improve/get worse - I didn’t notice any improvements when I flashed both my LH18A1P to DW1800. They are the same drive. It’s just that many people think the BenQ FW has slightly better media support.

I flashed my 20A1P to BenQ DW2000 and it made no difference in the scanning part but
the disc burning part seems to be a little bit better with the BenQ 6B33 FW flashed on it. :wink:

With what media codes? Any scans to compare?