BenQ & USB Enclosures - DW822A & DW800A



I have used both the DW800A and the DW822A in USB 2.0 External Cases. With the original firmware that came with the drive the two burners work correctly.

DW822A w/B3HC doesn’t work in external USB. Does work as internal IDE.
DW800A w/B2K7 doesn’t work in external USB. Does work as internal IDE.

Both of the above do work in an External Firewire (1394) Enclosure…

Some long time Benq fans have told me that this has been a very common problem with some of BenQ’s firmware releases. BenQ TS can only say that this drive was only manufactured to be installed internally. TS can’t even provide a FLASH to go back to B3BC for the DW822A.

I sent an open letter to Benq (Mgmt, Mktg, TS, R&D) on the above issues, let’s see if it does any good…


In the Italian BenQ site there is a downloadable firmware for a fantomatic external EW822U here the link:
you may wont to try it!


Thank You for the Information:

I downloaded the Firmware for the “EW822U”. It appears to be an external USB and/or Firewire Drive that is marketed or about to be marketed in Italy.

I will try late tonight and POST back the results.


The Flasher Program will not permit me to update my DW822A(B3BC) with the Firmware load for the EW822U. Any HACKERS out there ???


I tried too starting from 800@822 B3HC same result, we need a patch!