BenQ US lags European site "DW1620"

Does anyone know why the US site takes 2 to 3 weeks to post firmware that appears on European site? Sometimes they don’t even post it. They only posted the OEM “G” firmware at my specific request. They still do not have the latest. I understand that BenQ is closer to the European market, but the North American market is huge. I think BenQ should make some serious changes to support good customer relations in North America.

For those who have DW1620 OEM drives with “G” firmware you can change your drive to Retail “B” firmware by following this link from yangxi. I and several others have successfully changed ours without any problems and can now use regular “B” firmware. BenQ techs are aware of this and are looking into it, possibly making one of their own.

A new firmware B7M9 is expected any day (it is already being tested in beta) and it should add 4x +DL as well as advanced testing capability.

I thought 4x DL was coming in later firmware? I think the U.S. support is a joke. I’ve called them up on the DW830A and DW1620 before they came out (a week or two before) and asked when would I see them and they told me sometime at the “end of the year”. I also notified them of firmware not being up to date and they said something about only being able to update their website once a week.