BENQ (UK) Can't find any?

Cant find any apart form one on ebay i forgot about - damn !

i have 2 1640s

anywhere actually stock any benqs ? - say 1650 for example ?

some pages still come out of google even though out of stock

e.g. komplett - looks like they just disconnect the page from the menu


Benq retires from european ODD market. That also includes UK :wink: If you really need another Benq 165x, then watch out for Philips DVDR1668P1 or DVDR1660P1. But be careful, as Philips’ naming scheme is rather confusing, so there is chance to get a Liteon drive instead. So check for the names, certain Philips drives are sold under.


you can get a Philips DVDR 1660K (BenQ 1650) here, buy it’s a bit pricey

it’s in this post

[B]EDIT; here’s one on ebay (1650)[/B]

Pixmania have some 1640’s on stock

Bulk -

Retail -

I would give my left nut too for a black 1640… Shame they got sold out so quickly

You can also buy retail boxed 1650s in PC World - a bit pricey though, £39.99.

My local one has stacks of them, I bought one myself awhile back.


How about these

Benq -Froogle UK

here’s a 1640 (i emailed the guy and asked him the model number) on ebay, still £10 just now

pcworld - seen those - white retail models - hate the look
i like the oem front

also , you can find pages thru google but often the havent got any - been there

but i’ll check a few just in case

beginning to look a bit desperate though - RIP Benq ?

what about jubjubbird’s link


i shall follow up pixmania - been there before but worth an email

think we need a thread called “DW1640 - equiv by another manufacturer”

shame benq are soon to be history

PC World have 1650’s instore for about £35 and online for 32.99

Now only £24.99 at PC world

There’s still plenty of Benq 1650s at my local PC World too.

i concur with the awesome £25 :clap: PC World price, i snagged 2 yesterday -

Where can I get the 1655 in London or UK in general?

BTW in UK has still a lot of 1670 in stock:
They made a mistake, of course this drive is not from LiteOn.

My local PC world still had 2, I’d have taken one if it was black. £24.99 instore. Did pick up another LG 22N for £29.99!

They have a lot of 1650 here but not the 1655.
BTW what is the Phillips verson of the 1655?

  • 'fraid i’ve no idea where to get those anywhere in Brick & Mortar shops, i personally have no interest in Lightscribe so don’t know where they’re sold online either… have the 1650 at £24.99.