BenQ to introduce DVD recorders supporting LightScribe?

I just posted the article BenQ to introduce DVD recorders supporting LightScribe?.

Thanks to ItalianJob we know
that BenQ might be planning to release new DVD recorders this
February supporting HP’s LightScribe technology. Simply said, LightScribe
allows you…

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It doesn’t make sense to introduce a writer with worse specs than the DW1620 Pro so I have a feeling the DW1625 will write DVD-R @16x and DVD+R DL @4x too.

For H3rB3i > I’m not very happy with IAN methods… :r he uses my news this days without mentionning my name and other things… (cut/paste of hardwarezone DVD-R DL discs) Dennis@cdfreaks is more honnest and mention my name :slight_smile: I’ll stick to cdfreaks now… :B

The original source was from PC Watch. Hardware Zone did nothing more than link to those pictures. And no, you weren’t the only one that sent me links to that page.

When I check the date & time, I can’t trust you, sorry… !

Another news you can grab : LaCie lightscribe… Lol !

Gonna love those BenQ drives. :+

Suit yourself. Personally, I think you’re over reacting.

That will be another model

That would be really nice.

You have got to be kidding! Fancy trusting a burner to burn to the mirror side of a DVD! You had better hope the Laser is calibrated correctly or all you will produce is wind chimes! Besides how is this better than a Printable ? Someone with too much time on their hands came up with this one!