BenQ to demo Blu-ray Disc triple writer BW1000 at CeBIT 2005

I just posted the article BenQ to demo Blu-ray Disc triple writer BW1000 at CeBIT 2005.

BenQ Demonstrates BD
Triple Writer BW1000, BD Recorder BR1000 Concept, 16X DVD Writer DW1625 with
LightScribe, and Slimline 8X DVD Writer TW200D at CeBIT 2005


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Very impressive! BENQ is going to be better & better.

So how long until we’ll see this burner on the shelves?

This is a first. The new technology is being developed simultaneously as the PC burners. First came CDs then came CD burners. The same for DVDs. Hopefully the new Blu-Ray players will be able to read Blu-Ray burnt discs. But what about Blu+Ray? The possibilities are endless.

Recent reports have stated that there are early divisions in the technology. The initial standard will be Blu-Ray, soon to be followed by Blu+Ray, but the other two contenders (Blu/Ray and Blu*Ray) may end up triumphing. Only one standard, namely Blu?Ray, is questionable. Microsoft has plans on developing Blu$Ray with DRM and disc activation built-in, as well as Blu@Ray which contains internet “phone-home” technology.

That seems to be the trµth.

Don’t forget HD DVD+R, HD DVD-R, and HD DVDxR. :d

I want one for < $200

I want one for < $200