Benq tilt control - high wear and tear?

I’m no expert (shock !) but

wont the benq tilt control have a wear/tear component as in work well today
but in a year maybe not as well ?

i hope some expert can put me right


First of all, tilt control is used in many brands, it is not exclusive to Philips/BenQ, although some aspects of it (related to tilt measurement by using focusing signal levels at different radii) are patented by Philips.

Tilt control works by estimating the radial angle at which a disk is set in the motor. This angle is typically under 0.5 degree, or 8 mrad of flat position. (Don’t pay attention to marketing hype about 20-30 degree angles, there is not enough space in the drive to tilt anything that much!) It then uses tilt adjuster (9) to position the rails (5) on which the optical pickup sledge rides in the radial direction, so the rails and the disc surface are as parallel as possible.

This is done once after each blank or recorded disc is loaded. If you want to worry about something wearing out, the motor moving the sledge does thousands of times more work :slight_smile: