BenQ Super Multi DVD writer coming in 2005



BenQ Super Multi DVD writer

Philips may not like it very much. I personally would like to see BenQ releasing a series of Philips-chipset 16x DVD writers (better than DW1620A Pro of course), and also a series of Hitachi-chipset 16x Super Multi DVD writers. So far, only Hitachi-LG (HLDS) and Matsushita (Panasonic) introduced Super Multi DVD writers. It’s also likely to increase (or at least decrease the decrease rate) of BenQ’s overall profitability in their ODD business. BenQ (or PBDS) might replace Lite-On IT as the largest manufacturer of PC DVD writers in Taiwan in 4Q 2004.


BenQ (or PBDS) might replace Lite-On IT as the largest manufacturer of PC DVD writers in Taiwan in 4Q 2004

you will be surprised how much DVDRW was shipped by BenQ


It was expected. I expected Philips-designed 16x DVD+R writer would ultimately dominate DVD recordable market from at least 2002 and openly said often to that effect. That means the market has become more complicated due to all these “DVD Multi” and “Super Multi” drives.

Jimmy Hsu, Taipei; Adam Hwang, [Monday 13 December 2004]

Monthly DVD-burner shipments from Philips BenQ Digital Storage (PBDS) have exceeded one million this quarter, according to BenQ’s Imaging Network Business Group vice president William Wang.

DVD-burner shipments for PBDS are currently keeping pace with Lite-On IT, Taiwan’s largest producer of optical-disc drives (ODDs), and the venture may rank fourth or even third worldwide, Wang indicated.

PBDS expects to deliver six million DVD burners this year. However, with orders growing so quickly, the company is now facing a tight supply of pick-up heads (PUHs) from Philips, Wang pointed out. Based on received orders, supply is running 35%-40% short of demand, and the tight supply will last for another one or two quarters, Wang added.

Wang is confident the joint-venture will attain its 2004 shipment goal of 25 million ODDs of all types. Next year, PBDS aims to become one of the top three ODD makers worldwide, with a market share of 15%-20%, Wang stated.

Currently focusing on Dual (+R/-R) DVD models, PBDS plans to launch Super Multi DVD burners in the first quarter of 2005 at the earliest. In addition to Philips, Hitachi may be a possible PUH supplier for Super Multi DVD burners, Wang indicated. Also in 2005, PBDS hopes to obtain ODM orders for blue-laser DVD burners from Japan.

Acer was already a big manufacturer of optical disk drives years ago but it took some time before the successor BenQ regaining market share, but though 15-20% goal market share for year 2005 is ambitious, it’s not surprisingly high. 25 million ODDs in 2004 means BenQ has less than 15% market share. LG ships about 50 million ODDs yearly and has nearly 30% market share. TSST (Samsung + Toshiba) about 40 million and Lite-On’s the third. NEC and Pioneer have been also shipping MEGA units per month. With Ricoh out, LG, NEC, and Pioneer have kept the top three places. What was surprising was that NEC and Pioneer could do so well in a market dominated by South Korean and Taiwanese companies. Lite-On IT, BTC, Quanta, MSI, Afreey, AOpen, BenQ, and more companies in Taiwan have been late. One more reason for them to have their own standard (like EVD, HD-DVD-1, etc.) :slight_smile: