BenQ suffers huge losses, sells assets

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 Although  they no longer produce  any optical drives, at least in Europe  so far, the BenQ company  is well known to CD Freaks members. So, this latest story of the  companies financial...
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Wow! BenQ (Acer) has really taken a hit. If how they don’t follow up on contacting potential employees at the local plant here is any indication, they are quite careless and don’t know what they have in front of them, so there must be some carryover to this as well, sadly.

I had bought a Benq, but Benq did much shit here in Germany with the Siemens-Mobile-Part. They will get their lesson, Benq-products sold last weeks less and less

Never had a chance to use siemens/benq cellphone, but according to popular opinion, they were one of the worst. Pity as they had to close OD division earlier, I loved 1620/1640/1650 drives, one of the best on the market. I suppose I will be using my 1640/1650 until they die, I just hope it doesn’t happen any time soon, if it happens at all.

Darn… I like their cheap but good quality digital cameras :frowning: I just bought a 160 euro E520+ that has a Pentax lens and makes great quality xvid videos.

Must be plain bad business management. They had a good rep and good products. I own a 1640 and a 19" monitor, both are very good.

Too bad their siemens deal was now being regarded as a disaster that exemplary that of a cultural misunderstanding in cross cultural buy-outs of companies, sad. :frowning:

Wow let’s think about that, To us losing a $500 bet would hurt our pockets, now imagine $600 million! man that’s an amount that some of us would never see in our lifetime… Companies are getting craftier these days but there’s also a lot of costly trial and error:r

When Acquisitions & Mergers is merely another name for “big boys” gambling and BS******g, as well as lining pockets to lubricate the mechanism of commerce/amorality, it’s the comsumers who will pay in the end. And serves us right too for indulgently sucking up to every new crap in sight masquerading as “progress”. Now, where is due diligence in all this, eh, not forgetting that if it impacts on every division within the empire, I have to double check my new BenQ panel a little closer.

Some of us? I can guarantee that NO ONE here will ever see anything close to 600 million dollar…:wink: