Benq stopped working



just bought a benq1620 last week and updated the firmware as soon as i installed it.

burned about 5 dvds just fine.

trying to burn some today and it keeps stopping in the middle or before i start and giving me a error message using dvd decrypter.

i am burning some ritek03 with a dynex cover.

i’ve used several different speeds.

although i doubt these are of quality. this seems a bit extreme.

any suggestions would be great :iagree:


I would suggest to try another media.


yeah i have some verbatim on the way but in the meantime all i have are these dynex 8x
which i got on the thanksgiving sales.

i just got done burning a dvd and it burned without a error but it was set to burn at 8x and it topped out at 4x durring the burn.

the weird thing is that my benq won’t read it but my stand alone dvd players reads it just fine and no skipping or anything.

i don’t get that at all :confused:

oh well hopefully those verbatims will help.


Any news about that error? Have you already tried with the verbatims? The problem remains the same?


still waiting on bestbuys shipment.

no more io errors since i let my computer cool down for a night.

benq maybe doesn’t work well under some heat.


My BenQ was so bad it stopped working at 26-28°C. No wonder they sold that one in winter :stuck_out_tongue:

No honest, if you can measure the inside temp of your case somehow, do it. If the drive does not work up to his specs (up to 45°C operating IIRC) RMA it, as temperature surely only exacerbates a condition your BenQ has anyway.


Have you had any better luck with new media? I’m guessing not…

In case you haven’t been following some of the recent DW1620 threads, your drive may be one of the many bad BenQ drives manufactured lately. My DW1620 is now dead and had similar problems as you described. My ordeal can be found here:

Here are some other recent threads about the BenQ quality problems:


Maybe we should make a list of conditions we encountered and which were reason enough for a successful exchange of the drive? If this list is not too long, anybody could make the works-or-works-not test in 1 or 2 days and then send/give back the BenQ as DOA!

I think it would increase the pressure on BenQ to start producing good drives again. But as long as many people who may have a “sub-standard” BenQ but only burn few discs keep it - instead of getting rid of it ASAP - they may think that selling crap works…

From that crap produced since Oct 2004, I think that is what they are doing - lower QC, let the customer do the tests, send the RMAd drives out again. We had many posting sounding likes this.


i’m gonna try to get a reading on the temp and see what i got.

gonna leave my computer on for a couple days again and then give it another test at warm temps and see if i get those io errors again.


haven’t got my new media in the mail yet :a

best buy is going to wait til the very last day before they deliver :sad:

by the time it gets here my computer will be nice and hot :iagree:

ready for a good test.


I think this sounds like a media issue personally. Especially with it topping out at 4x it just sounds like that media is dodgy at best even with a Ritek media code. Where did you buy the Dynex from if I can ask? Could be fake Ritek or Grade C or lower at best, hehe.


Dynex is Best Buys cheapo media and my brother-in-law and cousin both had problems with this media. I told them to return the media and get better media they didnt have the problem since.


then we in singapore must be worse of … cause ambient temp is 29…

:bigsmile: :bigsmile:


No, I guess you are better off regarding BenQ writers - they wont even try to sell you those which fail at about 26°C :wink:




yep they are bestbuy specials. from the thanksgiving sales :Z

it could very well be the cheap media which is the problem.

just seems odd that i haven’t had any io error since i been shutting down my computer everynight :confused:

they have been burning at 8x no problem now.


Definitely a heat problem. You can try with other media - the results will certainly be the same. Shut down computer over night, everything ok. Let it on for hours, problems like that shall occur :stuck_out_tongue:


I had similar problems, maybe look at
and check whether it sounds familiar.

As the condition exacerbated, I had to return the drive. Now I have a new DW1620 and let the PC run about 24h now, letting the writer do a looped test with a DVD+RW, ran 16 times last night.

So far, everything ok, but it seems the drive now starts to need a very long time to recognize empty DVD-Rs … maybe even not at all. Looks like another drive to send back in :frowning:


1620s should read well, per the test reports. It is very rare for a burner to fail to read its own data…unless you are working with crappy media.


My LG failed once to do a 1-to-1 copy of its own write (on 8x media written @12x) … so I had to turn on “ignore read errors” .
The BenQ read that DVD without any problem. So I would say, yes, it is a good (though not the fastest) reader.