BenQ states prices of 16x DVD OEM burners to drop to $40



I just posted the article BenQ states prices of 16x DVD OEM burners to drop to $40.

DVD market continues to see falling prices. Over at DigiTimes today, we can read
that BenQ Storage Buisiness Unit, associate vice president, Alpha Tasi,
stated that pricing for 16x…

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WARNING:Whatever you do do not buy this burner. had one from Newegg(not their fault except for carrying such a s**ty burner)it broke in less than a month only burns 97%of dvd than fails used to fail on about every disc until i updated firmware now it just fails on its own.STAY AWAY PLEASE. :frowning:


I’ve had this burner for some time now. I’ve burned more than 1000 dvd’s with it. It’s the best burner I ever had. I’ve tryed Lite-on, pioneer and philîps. I wouldn’t want another burner then my benq 1620. I think you just had bad luck and try to return it for a new one.




Ill add to this that my BenQ 16x DL burner has not given me one bad disc, out of some 250 and the quality is superb. Only thing is to make sure you update the firmware, that is a priority!