BenQ spin up and spin down?

For some reason my BenQ 1650 doesn’t spin up before doing a Qscan in Nero(at any speed)when it used to, so I get a few more errors at the beginning because of it.(I think) When I’m copying a DVD from my 1650 to my Sammie in 1Click, when it’s done reading the 1650 and burning to the Sammie, the 1650 NEVER stops spinning and the light stays on, even though it’s not reading it anymore. The Hitachi I used to have in that slot didn’t do that, it stopped almost right away. Does anyone know what I need to do to fix this? Thanks

I still can’t figure it out. I even thought it might be I had the drive letters in the wrong order, but that wasn’t it. I have both drives on cable select since that’s how the originals came in my Dell. ANY ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

Yes I noticed sometimes there are higher errors at the beginning but when you Stop and then Start again it will dissapear. I will check with Nero CDSpeed author about this. What kind of media you’re using?

Also, if there’s a disc inside the drive, the led will stays on. That’s normal.

I’m using TYG02 media. The disk would spin up for about nine second before it started scanning, now it doesn’t do that anymore.

My biggest concern though is that when I’m copying a movie, the BenQ is my reader and the Sammie is the burner. When the BenQ is done reading and the Sammie is writing the BenQ never stops spinning, it is quite noisy, even when the Sammie is done burning the BenQ is still going until I eject it. The Hitachi I used to use as the reader never did that, after it was done reading the disk, it stopped almost right away.

Not sure how to fix it, but there are ways to manipulate the drive to spin up before the start of the scan. Or you can just get into the habit of restarting the quality scan immediately after the start of the intial test. An annoyance I know, but others sometimes have similar problems (and with other brands of drives). My 1640 doesn’t have this issue that often, but it’s become second nature that I’ll watch the start of any scan or TRT in any drive and if there’s a spike at the start I’ll just quickly stop and restart the test. Often my drives will not be at full speed at the start of TRTs so they have a ‘dip’ at the start of their TRTs. Spin up and spin down behavior of drives has always been unpredictable it seems. (P.S. - would have responded earlier if my internet didn’t go down half the day :stuck_out_tongue: ).

would you happen to know what would make a drive keep spinning forever even when it’s not reading anything?

It seems really unpredictable from what I’ve experienced. Firmware version can change how it behaves, it can vary depending on the disc itself, drivers/software installed, etc. Maybe you can try flashing another firmware version and see if it changes anything. If a disc just keeps spinning for a couple minutes I’ll just remove it as it’s annoying and putting unnecessary wear on the drive.

I just wonder if I remove it while my other drive is burning a disc, if it would affect that part of the copy, since the computer would be doing another process? Thanks for the reply’s scoobie.

No, it should be fine to remove it while another drive is burning. While I usually try to avoid opening/closing other drives while another is burning, I’ve done it plenty of times and it didn’t effect anything, not even a fluctuation in the buffer level.