BenQ shows Bad PI score, Liton does not



it me again, the one with the weird problems

Ihave a 1620 Retail (real, not flashed) with B7T9 (switching to u after this post
When I burn a printable specifically Prodisc(8x+R01) and Ritek(4x+R), I get horrible scores, as 2000+ PIF and some rediculous ammount for the PIF, then I scan in a Lite On 1633, as they should, less than 10.

so what gives, I know that this media scans great for everyone else and it scans right on the liteon. I ordered another 1620pro and a nec 3500, so this sat i can test and see if maybe its motherboard related

Oh also, did I say, I have NO problemw with Taiyo Yuden, god bless taiyo yuden

Thanks for any input!
time to put u in!!!


If you don’t have problem with Yuden media, then stick with Yuden. Avoid cheap, Made in Taiwan media.


My drive just loves cheap media made in Taiwan… :stuck_out_tongue:

This, “only” Taiyo Yuden arguing is just plain nonsense. There are 200+ other media codes (write strategies) represented in firmware, to my knowledge.

charm, I trust KProbe over BenQ´s “quality test” when critical data is in question.
If movie, the best way is to play it in your stanalone DVD player and “verify” the quality. :cool:


Dont forget PI readings are drive dependent some drives read discs better than others. You could compare 10 drives and find that 4 give poor results when scanning where the other 6 can show low PI errors. Error correction is down to the drive.