Benq scan - drive behaving weirdly



drive writing speed gone - set at 8x but fluctuates from 1.2x-8x but mostly between 1.5x-3.5x - whats gone wrong? new scan here. weird, fat pifs? what to make out of this? good scan or bad?


Can you tell us what speed you wrote that DVD with?

Otherwise I would say your scan is good - if written @12x on 8x media even excellent. Single digit PIE and PIF around 2 are very good imo. Small PIF evenly distributed, very well. I think you can ignore those PIF spikes - they are the reason the quality score is reduced to 97 and would be surely 99+ without them. Note that Nero CD/DVD Speed has a “green” zone up to 16 PIF IIRC, that means your highest PIF is not even half of what DVD Speed allows as “good”.

About the speed issue, I am not sure, but the first drop (135-200MB) appears to be normal as everyone has it, even if scanning discs written on other drives. My BenQ also does some stops somewhere in the test - maybe the BenQ “collects” error scan information in the buffer which is then flushed to the PC? I dont know, but look at more scans and you will see such behaviour in most people´s scans.

You might want to do the Transfer Rate (Read) Test in several DVD-Rom drives, the older and crappier the better I think. If they all show a nice smooth curve, congratulations to that writer/media.


Probably and DMA/virus scanner/disk fragmentation/ide config issue.
Which burst transfer rate to you get in nero cdspeed ?
Are source and target drive on different IDE busses ?


used decrypter and shrink. write speed set at 8x. did not use nero. took almost 1.5 hours to write and burn this.
then used xcopyxpress to burn another copy. almost same readings.
after burning the movie with shrink and then xcopyxpress I looked at defragmentation - now says the drive needs defragmenting.
before making the backup - there was no need for defragmentation - I checked that before burning the movie.
dma is set in ultra mode. did shut off internet , virus scanner before burning.
only one source and target drive - the benq. did not use dvdrom.


well…tell us how you hook up your BenQ on your system


as master in udma mode.


You didn’t have a screen saver kick in did you? A friend of mine at work just asked me about this sort of issue although he don’t have a BenQ to scan with. Said the disc was fine all the way through and when he got to the middle of the movie or thereabouts it started going wonky and skipping then it corrected itself. He said he did have the screen saver kick in and I had to explain the fact that it probably dragged the computer down enough the buffer wasn’t able to deal with the load. Make sure nothing is running in the background when you do your burns. :wink: