BenQ says it will offer free updates to 8X DL in the spring

:bigsmile: found this on pcworld. com anyone have any info on this :bigsmile:

Hmm…is that on the 1620??

Yes I reread more carefully…yes!!! :bigsmile: :bow:

Wow…that would be awsome if we got free upgrades to DL 8X writes!!!
My DW1620 keeps getting better and better.

It would be even awesomer if they could get the prices down to under $2 a disk! gee is 8x r/w not far behind?

how about free update to 8X +RW and 6X -RW ??? I really don’t care because I don’t use RW medias, but at least it will shut those nec owners mouth !!!

Way to go BenQ!
@Hef… we can expect D/L prices to start dropping by next month to april with the introduction of 4-6x -R D/L and then 8x +R D/L. Its been a long time coming though.

Or all this may just be inaccurate reporting, unfortunately. I hope they are right though. :frowning:

This would rock.

/me prays

i really hope they are right…as far as we know…its not possible for the 1620

the 1640 might have bteer chances

Great…not possible :frowning: …I would trust eelewhm overstupid article

Hate that…wonder who mislead PCWorld

lol… :smiley:

Hmmmm… wait! 1640 and 1620 are the same drives? :slight_smile: If it’s possible for the 1640 then through similar firmware updates we might be able to do it. And there is MacClipper with that evil laugh… it should’ve been more like: Mwahahahaha…!!

I remember someone reported that 1640’s size is smaller than 1620.
It doesn’t sound promising then.

heheh, if only someone can pass me a firmware dumper for the DW16xx series, I might be able to find out more… oh well, meanwhile it’s such a horrible feeling to have raw diamonds on hand and being unable to make use of them. Quick someone cos I don’t have much time left with them… been holding them too long already.

Muahahahaha… :evil:

PS: I pass the drama mama screen test this time, I hope? :smiley:

LOL, Very nice! :iagree:

That sucks that the two drives do differ in size, I thought they were twins with rebadging done. sigh :slight_smile: Oh well, we can only hope!

I can confirm that to be definitely true but wait, the internals are… let’s wait for Sen to say something if he wants to.

Muahahaha… :evil:

Muahahaha…:e…roughly 7 inches in lenght for the 1640…

some one posted this at HWZ

no NDA infringement…:bigsmile:

Hehe, it is not the final product so i can’t really make a comment. :o

Can anyone confirm if the 1620 indeed can be flashed to burn 8X DL?
I’m thinking of buying a new DVD burner. I set my eyes on the DW 1640, but it is not yet in the stores in the Netherlands, so I don’t know what it will cost.
If it’s much more expensive, maybe I will chose for a 1620A or 1620 pro after all.
But then it’s very good to know, if it can be flashed to these speeds.