BENQ rewriter: big problems!

I am having big problems with my configuration. When I boot my computer, it sometimes freezes at the BIOS - IDE detection.
When I disconnect the BENQ cdrewriter (4012P, firmware V.TW) it works fine.
When I replace the drive by a CDROM player, there is no problem.
Sometimes it boots, but then it seizes to work in mid action: the tray just stops working. The drive light goes out. I then have to shutdown the computer. Restarting sometimes helps.
The drive I now have is a “new” one, It replaces a similar 32sp BENQ drive.
I have also replaced the computer power supply and the IDE cable. I use the CS jumper setting and the drive is the only one on the IDE cable. It is on the end of the cable.

I have now spend more than two days (re)assembling the computer.

:confused:I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE! (no jokes about this please).

I have a Soltek SL-75drv4 mainboard (newest BIOS) with an Athlon 1800+ processor.

:bow:Please help! Anyone …



jumper the drive as master, not CS.

I tried the Master jumper setting, it didn’t work.

but thanks for your reply

Paul :rolleyes:
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Apart from replacing the IDE cable and double-checking the power connection, there’s not much to do but replace the drive. :frowning:
It’s a symptom of a frozen IDE controller, and it’s usually either a connection problem or a bad drive.
A bad power supply is a remote possibility, but since it works with a different drive, it’s very remote…

I did replace the original drive which froze with a new one. I first had a BENQ 32speed and it was replaced by a 40speed BENQ. It is possible - but unlikely -that the replacement drive has the same problem!

How do you have your BIOS set? Is it all set to AUTO? Does the drive have a jumper for DMA? Since it’s hanging at POST, pretty much has to be either hardware or BIOS.

I have the BIOS/IDE set to [AUTO]. The drive doesn’t have a DMA jumper. It also stops working long after boot: I am working with the PC, I open the tray (both eject button and eject function) and when I close it it stops halfway. The CDRW light goes out and it looks like it has completely lost power. The rest of the PC continues to work. The drive doesn’t come on anymore.

If the power supply and cable are ruled out, then it’s a dead drive.

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Thanks for everything …