Benq really better than Liteon 1673,93?

OK all you LiteOn fans…I know they had some trouble in the past but these last drives that came out,were pretty damn good. I had a Benq 1620 and just got rid of a 1640. I guess I finally bought into the hype about them being so much better than LiteOn. My first LiteOn DVD was an 811 and there were a couple of problems. Since I got the 1673 all those problems were gone. It may not be the fastest, or burn CD’s as well as most, but it burns DVD’s just as good or better than most. I think hands down for anyone that is new to burning LiteOn is the only way to go. In defense of the Benq…I really like the way they look and all the little toys that came with it, but the idea that they burned SOOOOOO much better just wasn’t true in my case. I know there are a lot of Benq fans out there, but in my experience it’s just not so.:disagree:


First, sorry about BenQ’s not serving you well. There is no DVDRW drive manufacturer without lemons… :wink:

My DVD burning career started with a Lite-On 411s more then two years back. With help from c64 and zebra this drive was converted to a 811s and burned RICOHJPN R01 better than any drive I’ve ever owned. But after more than 300 burned DVD’s this drive recieved a well earned retirement in my sons compu.

But, I just couldn’t live without a Litey. Next up was SOHW-812s, immediately converted to 832s with help from C0deguys. A very good drive, but not as good (on my favorite media R01) as my 411@811. But still, C0deKing and c64 provided all performance and quality to drive that I ever needed.

Time went by and I got me a NEC 3500, because at that time Liteys (1213, 1633) didn’t manage to burn decent at 8, 12, even less at 16x on any DVD media.
NEC 3500 is a great troublefree drive, best NEC DVDRW ever made in my opinion. This drive still serves me well with help from firmwares patched by Quikee, Dee27 and Liggy.

After almost one and a half year in this (and NEC) forum section I jumped ower to BenQ camp, a decission I never regreted.
My first BenQ was a 1620 Pro. This drive has been burning almost without issues since day one, no matter on what kind of load I put it. And remember, I torture my drives with numerous flashes, 16x burns day in day out, feed dem with crap media overspeeded 4x its rated speed. You name it.
Then we have ala42 and Quikee providing all the “fun-tools”.

Yes, I know. Some members have had problems with BenQ 1620 drives dying, not been able burn DVD-R’s, problems with weak PSU’s, aso. But my drive was and still is a (speed and burn quality) champ after more than 350 firmware flashes and 250+ burned DVD’s.

So when the 1640 came out, I emediatelly decided to buy one (just had to convince my GF first that I really needed 5 DVDRW’s, heh). 1640 is a great drive with great toolbox by delivery, yes you are right there and thats about all. You will have hard time to find a MediaTek based Litey/Sony/rebadges to stand up against BenQ 1640 today in speed and quality.

Finally the planets are in phase again and the latest “Litey”/Sony 810 is a Philips chipset based drive, same as BenQ 1640. Not a coincident without reasons, and some of the reasons you have already read about in this post. Philips chipset based DVDRW’s are superior (for the time beeing) over almost any other DVDRW’s existing on market. I hope there isn’t any doubts about that.

Oh yes, almost forgot it, I also have a 1693 in my box. But for the time being this drive serves me best for ripping and KProbe scanning… and my BenQ’s for all the rest.

Happy burning. :slight_smile:

I baught the last year and a half, a Liteon 1633S, a Benq 1620 Pro, a liteon 1693S, a Philips 1648P1.
-My liteon 1633S is one of the best drive I have ever had to copy secured games. It is also one of the worst DVD burner.
-My Benq 1620 is one of the best DVD burner I have ever had. It is also one of the worst drive for secured games.
-My Liteon 1693S came just in time to give me back my faith into Liteon. It is a good burner for both DVDs and CDs. It passes (up to now) all the secured games I have tried.
-My Philips 1648 (equal to the benq 1640) has given a rest to my 1693S. This drive is a killer. I just love it. It burns anything, reads anything better then my 1693S.
I use to think that if I had to keep only one drive It would have been my 1693S. Today if I have to keep only one drive it will be my philips 1648.
So I have to agree with Pinto2, the philips chipset is just the best!!!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I had any trouble with the Benq’s, on contrary they both performed well…just not as well as I expected considered what I had been reading over this last year. The 1620 was always a little buggy, it would lock or just not read…never did find out why. Still even with that it was still a good drive, then last month I thought “Ok I am going to have to find out what’s up with the 1640” I burned with the 1640 and with my 1673@93 and I was really shocked, because there was no discernable difference. In fact in one case the Litey actually came out on top. Of course to be fair I only use one kind of media…+R Verbatim.

  I had several drives and wanted to go back to just having one, and the LiteOn won out. If I had just the Benq I would be happy there also, but I am one of those people that has tried both and now that I am only going to keep one drive it's going to be the LiteOn. I do like the way the Benq looks though......I really do. I guess everyone get's different results, just like the dude that has burned 1000's of CMC mags without a hitch.....hey if it works for you then go for it I say...ha ha.


I think both the DW1640 & SOHW1693s drive’s are great and really I think it all depends on what sort of media you are going to use and at what speed you are going to burn at…

Yes the fun tools you get with the Benq are great, but omnipatcher still has it over any of there tools for me… Omnipatcher is simple to use and easy to adjust for anyone trying to use it (thanks CodeKing & Code65536 you guys rock).

Liteon & Benq remind me of V8 super cars racing, Holden Vs Ford battle,
All in all they are both great drives but the Liteon is the one that I would put in my rig first…

Well I have the following: BenQ 1620 Pro, BenQ 1640, LiteOn 1693s, NEC 3500, NEC 2500/2510, Pioneer 106D, Optorite dd0203 ( my first and worst drive) I would rank them as following:

  1. BenQ 1640_ Excellent writer/reader/ripper, cons: drive reliability?
  2. NEC 3500_ very reliable, solidly made drive with good DVD burning/ media compatibility
  3. BENQ 1620PRO_ similar to 1640 but not as good burning with some medias.
  4. LiteOn 1693s_ Excellent CD writing ( 2sheep drive), not so good DVD media compatibility/Awful burns on medias that does not like. So I 100% agree with Pinto2.


I too have to totally agree with Pinto2-

My 1640 (crossflashed to EW 164B) is my best burner - especially for +R medias (SB = on and OS and WOPC = off)

My NEC 3540 is the best for burning Taiyo Yuden 4x -R TYG01 media (which my 1640 will absolutely not burn)-

My Lite-On 1693s is used as the reader/ripper for the 3540 - which is a great/fast combination-


I’ve got both a Benq 1620/1640 and a LiteOn 1693s. Love the LiteOn on much better…here!

This is one of the last scans I made with the Benq 1640. It’s a scan of a burn made by the Liteon.


Yes!!! Look at your Jitter!!! from 1.5 gig to the end it is above 11, which is a bit high.
BTW if you want to compare with other Benq scans, please scan at 8X.

If you read this post , you will understand that I really enjoy my 1693S, but it can’t match my BenQs when it comes to DVD burns quality!!!

That was just an everyday average burn for me, nothing special. The 1640 is a fine burner…but in my own tests they were just about neck and neck. Since I prefer LiteOn, I decided to stick with what I like…Regarding the 8x scan, I won’t be scanning anymore with the Benq because I don’t own it any longer.


LiteOn (or Mediatek chipset drives) scans are so damn inaccurate that I don’t trust 'em at all (Nero CD Speed scanning intervall of 1.20 ECC indicates many skipped ECC blocks) … scans on the Litey will always look better than they really are.


I agree liteon scans sometimes can look wonderful, but disc still not play correctly, but I have also seen the new BenQ 1640 drive show pif spikes that many say are actifacts and so i take all scans with grain of salt. That said you will notice with my sig i have both a liteon and benQ, I tend to scan with BenQ but if the scan is looking odd i will scan with liteon.

Here is scan of the same burned disc on the liteon and benq but on one graph so you can compare notice how different they look. in level as well as shape. And yes i know you cant compare them they are not the same drive or even scan speed, but it give you an idea how scans can differ.

This is the typical behaviour of a BenQ DVDRW when it encounters Jitter values above 12% … the rise in PI-Sum 8/PIF and the appearance of POF has been reported many times before.

BTW: which scanning interval does DVD Info Pro use ?

The LiteOn drives are far more tolerant towards high jitter/bad discs than BenQ drives which makes them good readers … but accuracy during error reporting looks different.

The disc you scanned shows a jitter level above 10% throughout the whole disc which is way out of spec … as well as the high PIF levels.

Im not sure what interval is used , i do know its uses 8/8 sum vs 8/1sum on kprobe.

so you read dvdinfo

pie <280 lower is better
pif < 32 lower is better
jitter < 15% the closer to 8% the better

So do I … especially when it comes to PIF - although I prefer Plextools/PXScan because 712A/716A with their appropriate software don’t tend to drop as many ECC blocks as LiteOn drives do when counting with CDSpeed/K-Probe. The downside is that you are limited to low-speed disc testing with Plextor.

An 8/8 counting interval (I avoid the word ‘scanning’ for good reason) isn’t really useful in my opinion (unless your count results in a PIF max lower or equal to 4, of course :bigsmile: ) …

And 15% jitter is way off any DVD specification (which allows 8,5-9% IIRC) …

You must be able to gives some detailed information when using an application not that well known among us.

At what speed did you run BenQ “scan”?

BTW what effect the jitter does have on the quality of media??? Does it have any effect on a standalone for axample?


All scans with dvdinfo were at speeds we always use 8x for BenQ and 4x for liteon

Thanks KenW. :slight_smile:

I get same result/graph when testing on a older version of DVDInfo (3.42), but I won’t post any pics because they just don’t fit in this thread…