BenQ Read Speed Patch for dummies

Originally intended for HWZ… might be useful here though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will this speed patch work with other firmwares, i.e. B7T9?

very nice guide…ala42 would be happy

Yes, it does. I didn’t check P9 myself but it seems that others report it works. For older firmwares, I don’t know any report but at least the software allows the option for all the firmwares.

very useful guide

err… i oredy upgraded to B7U9… can i still folo this guide?

This is a great guide!
I will surely try this ASAP!

Awesome guide. I can’t wait to give it a try. I was thinking about picking up a dedicated dvd-rom drive for ripping, but this may eliminate that need. THANKS!!!

what speed will it allow you to read dl at?? 16X???

Now that a guide has been posted, here is exactly what the speed patch does (since some seemingly have difficulty with its concept):

A. It INCREASES Dual Layer pressed disc ripping speed to 16X
B. It has nothing to do at all with burn speed.
C. It allows for 16X read speed in CD-DVD Speed.



Look nice masotime, great job!

To be exact, it allows DVDROM-SL/DL, DVD+R/+RW/-R/-RW and probably also DVD+R9 (DL) reading at 16x. This is not restricted to nero cd-dvd speed.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


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With increasd speed, comes [speech from Spiderman pops into head] the possibilty of bad reads/rereading? Especially at the edges of discs? (burned or pressed)

Not with DVD. DVD has basically black and white error correction - if something is read wrong, it is immediately noticed, and can be reread. This is unlike audio CDs, where you can never be ABSOLUTELY sure if you’ve read something 100% correctly (same with VCDs). Also, when copying some protected discs, the protected sectors (which are out of standard CD spec) can often be read improperly at high speeds, but that’s not because of bad error correction but rather because of there not being error correction information for those sectors in the first place.

Hope that makes sense.