Benq +R DAXONAZ1 - VERY good discs on 812S

This is the best type of media I encountered so far. The are DAXONAZ1 (DVD+R) sold as BENQ in jewel box, made in Malaysia. The quality seems consistent among the batch I have. There were on sale with about $1.05 / piece. I never saw such a scand with my drive (Teac W58GA = LiteOn 812s) and I tested so far Imation, Verbatim, Traxdata, TY, Maxell, Panasonic and other less known.

See for yourself the scan.

Sorry, double post…

That is a nice scan. Benq,eh? I like their CD-R discs, not had a chance to use their DVDR discs yet.

Wow, what a burn. Im not having to much luck with my burns on my 812S.
The scans look terrible.
But im still trying diffrent medias to find what is best.