BenQ problems writing to CD?


I have a big problem with my two BenQ drives, a 1620 and a 1640 in different pcs: Trying to burn images with Alcohol 120% fails most of the times, i.e. in 6 of 10 tries with a recording error at around 70% of the image - tried with different media, different images (all about 700MegBytes), especially when selecting low write speeds such as 12x or 16x, but sometimes also at higher speeds.

The same images work flawlessly on an LG 4120B in an external case in attached to both computers, no problem with the LG, but both BenQs horribly fail.

The 1640 already is a replacement because its predecessor had the same problems, first I thought the new drive was better but it isn’t.

Question now, dows the Benq have a general problem writing to CDs? All the DVDs tried work absolutely perfect, only CDs make a lot of trouble here.

Any hints?



Do you use latest version of Alcohol.

I use Nero for writing cd’s with 2 Benq 1620’s and have had no problems whatsoever. I find that the best speed for quality is 16X.

Yes I use the latest version. What makes me wonder is that sometimes these images work fine, and that they work on other recorders.

Most of the time, it’s the KEY_MEDIUM_ERROR that appears, I’ve had it several times now on both BenQs, using high quality media from Sony and Taiyo Yuden bought at Amazon.

And it only happens with CD media, DVD work excellent with both drives.