BenQ Problems All Of A Sudden 1625

All Of A Sudden on my BenQ 1625 drive it is spitting every disc out, bad media error, I throw the the disc in my liteon and it burns fine

any tips or tools to diagnose the problems, nothing has changed,

using latest clone dvd 2

Are you using just one sort of media? If so try some other brand of media or try a DVD+RW disc, which you can reuse :wink:

I switch media seemed to help but not always, I also get alot of errors when its burns sucsessful, any tools or is there away to dianose the problems

my liteon is like 99 % Perfect

BenQ 60 % Huge Difference

What are you using to check the errors. Maybe you could post some Nero CD-DVD Speed scans, to show us what your burns are like.

I had a bad experience when I changed firmware. Did you change firmware if so go back to the previous one and see if it solves the problem

Yeah I changed a few days before, how do I go back

You’ll find all of the Benq 1625 firmwares here.

What firmware are you using now, I went back to BBGA, less errors now but still getting 1 - 2 errors

what screen capture program are people using to report there tests

Read here how to attach a image to your post. :wink:

I capture all my pics in windoze by pressing Alt+Print Scrn. Then I open M$ Paint and Edit–> paste.
Save with .PNG extention…Done. :slight_smile: