benQ Pro 1620 doesn't like driveimage2002/trueimage7?



hi, wonder if someone has had this experience. after a fresh OS install, i wanted to create a restore dvd disc using Drive Image 2002 (DM2K) or Acronis True Image 7 (TI7).

DM2K will reboot and do the actual imaging and burning outside of windows.
TI7 however will image the harddisk and burn without having to reboot, ie it does its job within windows.

both apps failed to burn successfully. DM2K would fail to close media properly, resulting in coaster. TI7 3 attempts all fail at the 4% mark and it says “probably due to bad media” error msg.

i’ve tried TDK 4x DVD+RW and 8x DVD+R, all fail.
burning other stuffs however there have been NO problems so far, using the bundled Nero Express (which i’ve upgraded to or Alcohol 120%.

benQ firmware is U7 (the latest as at 11-mar i believe)
i’m on winXP Pro with SP2
i also have daemon-tools and patin-couffin driver installed, not sure if this is the culprit. … and other bread & butter apps like winzip, acrobar reader, ACDsee, diskkeeper, AVG antivirus, Spybot S&D, Adaware, etc… which i think are harmless.

first time using winXP SP2 and first time have this problem with both DM2K & TI7, so i wonder if it’s SP2.

i can ofcoz… image my HD to another partition and burn that image file separately using Nero. it’s not so a problem about making my backup, but want to solve this burn fail mystery when burn directly from DM2K/TI7.

anyone can shed some lights… much appreciated.

thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


Don’t know what your problem is, more than likely it’s some type of driver problem. I am running TrueImage V7 on two laptop with Win/XP-SP2 installed with no problems.

Only thing to note, is that the 1620 (B7U9) is installed in an external enclosure. The backups are done on either 1394a or USB2. A full restore via a recovery disk can only be done attached to USB2 (firewire not detected).

Good Luck…


Give Bootit NG a try. Fully functional for 30 days. The program is 100% independent of the operating system. This should eliminate all windows conflicts.


After reading the post after mine, you might want to check using TrueImage via there standalone boot disk (doesn’t use windows at all).


ok hav done some testing/trials and found out that:

TI7 can’t write to TDK dvd+rw 4x, weird huh
nero (6608) however has no problem writing to the RW media.

i ended up doing my backup disc “manually” ie image the HD to a partition, then use nero to burn the image file store on a dvd. den hav to create separately a bootup disk for the event that windows can’t boot…