BenQ prices going down



Well it’s official, you can now pick up a dvd writer for the same price as a standard pack of blank disks (usually $39.99 non sale price for 50 pack at most stores).

My guess is all drive prices will be going down. Don’t know if this means that they are making room for better drives (hopefully), or that MIC makes manufacturing prices extremely low. But at these prices dvd writers are almost disposable.


OEM prices of LG and Samsung and NEC 16x DVD burners are nearly the same. Retail prices differ more depending on the market situation, bundled software, warranty terms, box packaging, etc. I thought average OEM cost of common 16x DVD writers has already fallen to about US$30 per unit. $40 is too high when lots of retail stores are selling many of the latest 16x DVD writers for under US$50.



I guess when you buy 5 at a time, $10 per unit matters.


“BenQ prices going down”
Let’s hope they can keep up the quality:wink: :stuck_out_tongue: