BenQ previews Blu-ray DVD burner (& -RAM too)



Saw this over at Digitimes BenQ demoed a Blu-ray burner at Computex specs below.

The BW1000 features writing speeds of 2x for Blu-ray single-layer and DL (single-sided double-layer) discs, 12x for DVD+R/-R, 4x for DVD+R/-R DL, 4x for DVD+RW/-RW, 32x for CD-R and 24x for CD-RW, as well as reading speeds of 2x for Blu-ray, 12x for DVD and 32x for CD, according to BenQ.

They also demoed the 1640 and a new writer called the DQ60 which supports DVD-RAM and will be luanched at the end of this month.

Wouldn’t say no to one of those Blu-ray burners 50GB’s for BD-R DL discs :eek:


Wow, great news!
The DQ60 is BenQ’s first three-format drive (+R, -R and -RAM), recording speed of 5x


I think they had to move, looking at LG which has this -RAM feature for quite some time now already…
So that is good news that the DQ60 is around the corner :wink:


Yes LG has one and NEC is coming out three format Drive later this year


still using my litey 52327s because I’ve been waiting for a blu-ray burner…and finally it’s coming out…


The first and the last LG DVD writers all support DVD-RAM writing so there’s no LG DVD writer that doesn’t have DVD-RAM at least among what I know.

This news probably tells far more about BenQ’s situation.

HLDS and TSST are expected to see 20% on-year growth each in production for the second quarter, as their new production lines start operations. Their increased production means lower costs and shipment prices.

In contrast, Taiwan ODD makers have been cautious about expanding their production lines. Their second-quarter shipments are expected to take an even smaller share of global ODD shipments, at 38%.

Conclusion part:

Predictions for 2005-2007

More Taiwan makers may withdraw from the ODD sector in 2005 and beyond, as they find it hard to survive on low margins and high royalties for patented technologies. Taiwan’s shipment volume and their share in the worldwide market will drop.


and what are those companies?

I only know BenQ is from Taiwan.


so 1640 coming to US this month?


Looks like it along with the DQ60, OC-Freak mentioned in another thread that a new firmware is due for the 1640 in about 2 weeks [from this week] which from that he will base his review on, so my guess is this firmware will [I hope] have the media over-speeding options and quality improvements & the retail 1640 models could ship with this firmware…


Most ODD manufacturers beside Japanese and South Korean ones are Taiwanese. Quanta, Asustek, Accesstek, MSI, Gigabyte, Lite-On IT, AOpen, BenQ, BTC… there have been many more but not many stay in the market for very long. Economic structures of Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea are very different from one another. Japan = fierce competitions of giant conglomerates, South Korea = competitions of Hyundai, Samsung, LG, SK… just a handful of family Jaebols, Taiwan = thousands of tiny but efficient companies, a lot more risky and much less capital.

DigiTimes is one of Taiwan industry + government’s media to support Taiwanese IT industry so Japanese and South Korean companies are just competitors to them. Most of the information’s published only in Chinese.


come to me mama… :smiley: one blu ray please…