Benq: Poor warranty service

I have a DW1640 bought in August, and now it’s 50/50 as to whether it will eject its tray or not (if I paperclip it, it will sometimes come back to life for a little while - probably just a worn tooth in something or otherwise a simple mechanical problem). Benq support quickly agreed that this was a defective unit and they should replace it.

Last week, I called with this problem, they told me they had no replacements in stock to send me, so they can’t replace my drive under warranty, and they don’t repair, so there’s nothing they can do. No replacement 1640s, 1655s, 1650s. They don’t even currently have replacement DQ60s (though I would scream bloody murder if they tried that swap!). Nothing. But they were expecting a shipment of replacement drives any day, so try in a week.

I called this week, and guess what? No replacements, and now the magic shipment of replacements isn’t due until mid-March.

I asked them what I’m supposed to do, with a defective product and a hypothetical warranty they are unable to honor. I didn’t get any useful answer.

So I just wanted to let folks know how poor Benq’s warranty service is here. They failed to maintain enough replacement stock in order to actually honor their warranty and they have no process for dealing in a timely manner with the exception case of running out. And they also have absolutely no escalation procedure - the support folks absolutely refuse to get anyone else on the line or to do anything to escalate the problem to their management. They just don’t seem to care.

I bought a retail drive for the one year warranty. Which Benq is not honoring. I got ripped off.

If you’re considering purchasing a Benq drive based on the rave reviews around here (as I did), be warned that Benq’s warranty service is poor, cannot be depended on, and you shouldn’t pay any more for it.

Well I know that the 1640 hasen’t been available for some time in the USA if that is where you are. Sounds like a simple case of BenQ’s production not being able to keep up with supply and demand, which is not unheard of with many companies. I know it’s a pain in the a$$ when your drive doesn’t work properly but I have heard of people in EU waitng three weeks and getting a newer model drive so the wait might be worth it. Like you said BenQ has already agreed to replace it.:wink:

Very different from my experience. I have had 3 RMAs and they all were replaced in 24 hours. The last 1620 was upgraded to a 1655.

I would call back and insist on the RMA and send the drive. At least then you should be in a que and you will have more clout as a waiting customer.

BTW, this is not just BenQ. I have experienced the same problem with Seagate and Western Digital. Usually things clear up in a week or two but BenQ is a very small manufacturer.

Inside a business that makes and warrants products, you have to maintain a certain inventory of replacement parts, which is expensive, so of course nobody wants to stock much more than they have to. The game then is to stock just enough to be able to cover your obligations, and not carry too many excess in that inventory.

It appears that Benq didn’t plan correctly, or didn’t care enough, and doesn’t have enough stock. That’s bad enough. But they’re also not doing anything expedient to remedy the situation. If I can buy a hundred 1655 drives right now from Newegg, clearly there are or have recently been drives in the supply chain that Benq could move to their warranty inventory. If that doesn’t work, you know, FedEx can drop ship straight from China. If Benq really cared about their customers, the next pallet out of the factory could be put on a plane and sent to their US warranty operations.

This situation makes a very negative comment on how committed as a company they are to their warranty. It’s NEVER acceptable customer service to tell the customer they’re SOL. And it’s bad customer service to get into that situation in the first place where you could need to. What it says to me is simply that Benq doesn’t put much priority on their customer service. That’s too bad, because they make a great product.

chas0039, on other forums (projectors) Benq warranty service has a reputation for quick and easy replacements exactly like your experience. That’s partly why I’m posting - because they have a good rep and they’re not living up to it / not maintaining it.

I have also had problems with Seagate not having drives to replace with. Never had a problem with WD.

Guess every manufacturer sometimes stumbles.

BenQ has “bulk” DW 1650’s in stock. Dont let them tell you otherwise
"I know because BenQ (California) sent me one. :bigsmile:

You might get the tray problem if you are using a Firmware with speed patch. Try to flash back to a factory Firmware to see if you still have the tray problem.

I’m running unmodified BSOB firmware right now. But you make an excellent suggestion anyway; re-flashing the firmware takes a few minutes, and is certainly worth trying to see if that fixes the problem. Thanks for the idea.

I just called Benq today regarding my 1655 that can’t burn successfully at all anymore. Waited about 10 mins to talk to someone (not too bad, IMO.)
This person asked:
Have you tried different media? Which media?
Have you tried changing the IDE channel / mode / jumpers - and what else is on the IDE chnnel.
Asked something about the cable.
After this, he agreed that the drive was bad. He would give me an RMA, BUT he had no drives to replace it with. I said, well this doorstop isnt doing me much good anyways so I’ll take the RMA. He said I shouldn’t expect a replacement before mid-march. Oh well. Back it goes.

I also had a poor experience with customer service. I had 1625 that went belly up. I called got am RMA # and spoke with customer service. They informed me that they just received the drive and to call back in a couple of days for the status. When i called back they informed me that they had no 1625’s in stock and that they were going to upgrade me to a 1655 which they had in stock. I called back two days later for a tracking number and they had not shipped anything. Called two daysa later and the same story. When I asked why I was told there was none in stock but some was expected in a few days. Well I got pissed off and threathened to bad mouth them on the net, so they then gave me phone numbers of management. I called everyone in management that I could get a number for with no good results. To make a long story short it took them over 30 days to send my replacement. I did get the 1655 and so far it is working fine, but I should not have had to jump through so many hoops to get a replacement. If you are not getting satisfaction become a squeaky wheel and maybe you will get better treatment.

I too have had very poor customer service from Benq - almost word for word with the 1st post from cmetz. My DW1620 drive door stopped opening over a month ago and I’ve been in contact with customer service uncountable times since then, but they just FINALLY issued me an RMA today (30 days since my warranty request). They offered to replace my drive with a dq60, but from the sound of it on this board it’s a total POS :Z . I said this was unacceptable and I wanted them to either give me the same drive or a better one. I read on this thread that 1655s were in stock as of a few days ago, but the manager (Lisa:, who I was not allowed to speak with, told the CS rep that they would not allow it. To make matters worse, I was not given an address to mail my defective drive to until today, so I am not in the queue for a new drive - which is estimated at 3 weeks. So, all in all, IF I get a drive by when they say, it will be almost 2 months from when I initiated the warranty return process - totally unacceptable.
Needless to say, I will not be buying from Benq again - no matter how good their drives are reported to be (mine broke after 8 months, after all). This nosedive in customer service seems to be happening all over the electronics world, not just Benq, and it will continue if we as consumers don’t make our voices heard via our pocketbook. A warranty is a warranty and we must make manufacturers honor it.

I guess I need to jump in with a different opinion. I have had nothing but great service from BenQ North America in Irvine CA. I have had 3 bad drives in less than a year and each time they did just what I would have wanted. The 2nd and 3rd drive were shipped out the same day they received mine. They are a little behind now, but I spoke to them today and they expect to ship out my next drive in the next week.

I really can’t expect much more. With all the 1620s going south they are overloaded. They are really doing the best they can and I don’t seem to be getting special treatment.

Just some balance. :flower:

I started a thread today on this subject,sorry did not see this one. here is my experience…Just wanted to post about benq customer service. I have a 1620 that i bought as a pacific digital about 8 months ago that stopped working. I went through several things from members on this forum but nothing worked so i decided to call benq. I told them the story and that i had used this site as reference to fix the drive and they were more than willing to help me. I had no receipt and the unit showed out of warrant by the serial number from them. They still gave me a ra # and said to send it back and they would replace it. He said that this forum was a very good thing for them because most of the technical gurus on this site were as knowlegable as they were! (i say more knowledgable). I just thought people here would appreciate knowing this.

I’m curious - what did they say they’d replace it with? and how long did they say it’d take?
and fyi, I tried calling and emailing the supervisor Lisa at CS, but couldn’t even get her voicemail (after subordinate CS reps said they’d direct me to it), and she won’t respond to my emails asking for her take on my issue. My 2nd email to her bounced back to me, saying it was refused by addressee. Unbelievably poor customer relations IMO.
Glad to hear you’re having better luck.

they really didnt say how long, and they said they would give me another 1620 refurb…

interesting - CS told me they don’t fix anything, just send out new drives. With all of the problems that they seem to be having with the 1620, I can’t imagine refurbished units are going to last very long. Do you or anybody else know - are the warranty replacement units warrantied for a year or until your original warranty runs out?

For those who have not been getting a replacement or satifactory resolution from Benq, please go to:$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=

and file a complaint. The FTC is apparently aware of Benq already, and it’s basically a matter of volume - the more complaints they get about a manufacturer, the more likely it is their staff will beat the vendor up. Benq definitely has some problems here in my opinion, and pressure from the FTC might be what it takes to fix those problems. The people on the phone are generally friendly, just not in any way empowered - and as a company they seem to have gone to some lengths to make sure you can’t get any escalation.

According to the FTC, if they have a limited warranty stating they will repair or replace the product, and they are unable to do either, they must refund the purchase price (Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, and UCC 2-719). You can also sue for this relief in federal court and recover the sale price and all legal/court fees. (which will only take a few years :frowning: )

I agree with Chas on this one, I had a BenQ 1620 go belly up and they replaced it with a BenQ 1640 in less than 2 weeks, no questions asked.

You know - my 1640 did the exact same thing running the same unmodded BSOB firmware. I RMA’d it back to where I bough it (Newegg) for a replacement, never even dealt with BenQ.

i called benq on my 1620 again today which they said they had shipped last teusday but i still didnt have it. When i called they said they had shipped it back to taiwan to get a credit and that my drive would be shipped from there. He also said they were out of 1620’s and would have to send me a dq60 but i said no way and then they agreed to send me a 1650 as soon as they were available, and if they were not available soon a 1655…so i guess i will just wait and see what happens…