Benq or nec for ritek g05

here’s my dilemna. i have 75 g05’s which when burned in my current drive (pioneer dvr-105), stutter when played. i’m wanting to switch to ty +r discs and get a new drive, but i want to get a drive that can do a good job with burning my remaining discs. i’m really looking for quality over speed.

these are the two drives i have in mind: benq 1620 and nec 3520.

Pioneer 108 :wink:

hmm, not a bad burn. i wish there were a program to check burn quality for the 105 :\

not bad? not bloody bad? is that it? :wink:

lol, pretty much. if i could scan the discs i burned, i’m sure they’d turn up looking like a bloody nightmare :slight_smile:

I also have a Pioneer DVR-105 which is the same as DVR-A05. But not enough RITEKG05 media.

i’m more looking to see what the g05 will be like on the two drives that i’m looking to buy and will be basing my buying decision on that, unless there is a good reason to buy a certain drive.


hi there. i have had the nec3500 for over 6months now and these were the first discs i brought with the drive (ANV Branded) and i burned at 12x with great results. i recently brought 150 out of 225 i brought the other day as i was committed to this media as i had good results in the past with this brand also. i dont know about the nec3520 or benq1620 as obviously i dont own them, but i cant see it being a problem burning them on any one of these drives, if quality is what you are after more then burning them at their rated speed of 8x in either drive. either drive i think you will be happy with. :iagree:

well, i found that dvdinfo pro can test a burn. it doesn’t seem to be as detailed as cd speed, but it’s the only program i found that can work with the 105. the result is pretty horrid, as i expected. also, i just ordered the 1620. i’ll post my results after i get the drive.

I can second the vote for NEC. I have burned 25+ G05s on my 3500 and they routinely have scans in the low teens. Also I have yet to find a quality disc that the NEC doesn’t like.

I have the Pioneer 108 and use Ritek Ridata G05 8x-r. They burn at 12x on the Pioneer and I have burned over 100 of them. Not a single coaster. Playback is perfect on the pc and settop players. Hope this helps.