Benq or Lg?



I am buying a dvd burner for the first time which one should i buy lg 4163 or benq 1620 pro ? besides good quality dvd writing i also need good cd writing features. I know plextor is good but costs nearly double of what the other drives cost. Sony dru-800 which is a rebadged liteon 1693S is also an option.


I have had better results from the LG. The BenQ seems to prefer +R and the LG seems to like -R. Both like TY. If you need bitsetting in +RW, the LG won’t do it. If you get the BenQ, be prepared for the possibility of an early death, so add in the additional cost and delay of a possible RMA.

My first choice would be the NEC 3520.


I’ve had a chance to test both the LG and BenQ as well. Like chas009 said, BenQ will burn DVD+R’s very nicely in general. But the LG burns both +R/-R well. Luckily, my 8/04 manufactured BenQ (rebadged I/O Magic) is still alive.

For burning CD’s, I leave that up for a CD-RW drive. If you live in the US, this week at OfficeMax, the HP 52r is $9 after a $30 mail-in rebate. Granted, you are dealing with OM and a rebate, but you are getting a LiteOn LTR-52327S-based drive which seems to be an old favorite.


Look here you might find an answer “slightly” different from the one above!

I have had my Benq for about 6 month now and never had any problem. But it is true that lately many people have had to return their BenQ !! But, hey, once you get the right one… I don’t know any drives that can beat it in burn quality, features …

Here is an other good read: here


I like that…“once you get the right one”. :wink:

Reminds me of Sanyo’s quality control department…
the customer.


I very much agree with this. If you have room in your machine a CD burner is generally much superior to any DVD, and Liteon still makes some of the best for the money. Seems like every other day I am reading about someone having trouble burning CDs. First NEC, then Pioneer, and lately the Liteon 1693. I just might spend the $9.


I also was making the same decision a while back. I bought the Benq and have been generally satisfied. I am having 2 problems with my Benq. It’s - media capability (great on +) and I am having problems configuring it with EAC. When I try to set it up in EAC in locks up, if it’s an EAC or Benq problem I don’t know. I have never had a problem setting up any drive before so I would have to say it’s a Benq problem. I have a lite-on cd burner anyway so I am not loosing out on anything but it is still a problem.

If you are not going to have a CD burner get the LG. I don’t know if LG and EAC have issues, you will have to ask someone. For me I would not think about doing audio with any other program than EAC anyway.


Benq’s really good for DVD: not so hot on CD-R. I have a Liteon SOHC-5236K for reading DVDs and burning CDs. Does an excellent job: never had a problem. I’ve had issues with LG drives in general so I’m not their greatest fan. For me, Benq retail would be the way to go…


Too right! Mine won’t read the CDs it created itself :frowning: So I use my Sony/Lite-On CD burner for that now.

The NEC 35x0 seems pretty good all round, but isn’t really excellent at anything in particular.



In terms of quality recordings LG4163B is far better than BenQ 1620pro.
BenQ is better for overspeeding BUT then the quality is not good.


HP 52x CD writer for $9, cheaper than a Blu-ray disk.


That´s it!

How´s the writing quality of a Benq when burning without overspeed?


Well, I have had all of these products.
I have found that a BenQ is the most durable of the products.
It also give the best and most compatible burns to use in set-top players.
Even overclocking the read speed does not disturb the best-in-class quality reads from this drive. No other drive can read soiled and scratched media with such good results. They are large, heavy and warm, but they are awesome in quality.

Unfortunately, I was not able to test the LG products very long because they, and all of their replacements, died due to the poor quality. Burns on various media with all of the LG units caused several different types of set top players to lock up due to poor compatibility. An especially quick way to rush the LG’s inevitable demise is to flash load a factory update using the factory recommended file. This usually causes a non-recoverable performance hit that is so severe that the drive is unusable. Before their deaths, I noticed that LG was far faster than I had ever experienced. For service, LG will eventually send you a replacement unit that is the next model up, yet works no better.

Lately, I have been impressed with the Lite-On products. While not as fast as the other two on DVD, the read speed can be switched up to 16x or 12x at your choice. 1673 does not appreciate 16x reads, but I supposed this depends upon firmware version.
DVD operation is noise free and error free with no troubles or issues. ATA66 interface may be installed any way you like on an 80 wire hard drive cable (the current standard) and even slaved to a hard drive, with no troubles, no slowdowns of the attached hard drive. The true hard drive interface makes installation a very pleasant, fast experience.
The Lite-On is tiny and cool running, so this makes it the number-one choice for small format computers. Perhaps, it is the only choice where size and heat is a concern.
With CD recording and game play. . .Well, I call it the LITE-ON CD ATTACK MODE!!! Put in a CD and its no longer noise-free. There’s no doubt that something is going fast as your computer is dancing around the desk and a strong breeze is coming out of every conceivable crevice. This adds considerably to the entertainment of game play. Having built a small format computer that makes no noise, it is such a sensation whenever I put in a CD. Like the identical Sony products, it is blazing fast on CD operations. Until the CD is removed, there’s some sort of bizzarre sound. Oh, but it is truly fast.

My choice would be the BenQ/Philips product (wherever they can be applied–some are overly long, such as my pair of 1620s).
This is because quality results and firmware updates that do not damage or irritate the drive are primary concerns with optical drives.
My BenQ products have also survived the following:
Direct lightening strike
Power supply blow out
Inserting 2 discs at once by mistake
Cat sitting on tray
Temperatures that would cook pork
Wrong cable
Wrong voltages–very wrong
User error during flashing–re-flashed and all is well
Operating upside-down (don’t even ask)
Child using it to chop carrots
Burning DVD while full of carrots
Accidental enclosure of a Q-tip
Well shredded paper label lost in drive
Accidental enclosure of a cocktail
Desk fire

Having been through all of that, the BenQ product works. . .
Just as perfectly as the day it was new.

I recommend installing the BenQ/Philips in the lowest (coolest) bay of a mid-tower style computer case with the recommended A-Open reader product above it. This will provide the very best in speed and quality available in optical drives today.

*I believe that some of the failures of optical drives are caused by the very popular fan-on-the-bottom power supplies. These harbor/cause intense heat in the top of every computer that uses them.
Installing low in the case is one option.
This brilliant device,

is another option. It is a very overdone vent to install in the top drive bay.


This may change with BenQ 1640… as it is also a shorter… the same as Lite-Ons. =)



My experience with some DVD-writers, especially with the 4082 were very good.

The “poor quality” happens only with the oldest FW of some drives. Look at the reviews here, you´ll see that the LG has very good writing quality with the most media


What kind of desk fire? :rolleyes:


LG’s weakness is that it’s slow in catching up with the trend among the web communities. BenQ publicly started supporting “overspeed writing” for high-speed DVD recordables. And added high-speed PIE/PIF/jitter scanning features plus providing free software for them. So I have only one GSA-5163D but going to have 6 DW1620 Pro soon. But I still think LG GSA-4163 is better than DW1620 for most non-enthusiast PC users.


What does it mean? For people who don´t care about overspeeding?


I tend to prefer my LG 4163 for burning.

But the BenQ has the Quality Scanning option, and is one of the fastest DVD rippers (with riplock removed) - faster than my AOpen even.


My Philips 1640P and LG 4163 are head on head most of the time… they are both equal good when burning the disc I have… but LG 4163 produces high jitter around 12% or over on some discs at some speeds.