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I noticed onthe BenQ website the waranty is 1yr, am I correct in assuming the OEM I will be ordering from newegg will have the same warranty length? I did a forum search but didn’t se eanything specific regarding this, just that the warranty may or may not be 2 yr.
thanks, and sorry if this is a repost, as I did search :slight_smile:


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I’ve 2 1640’s both OEM & was told that a 12 month warranty applied
I didn’t buy them at the same time. So on the second occassion I asked if there was any advantage buying retail other than s/w ie: extended warranty
& was informed that warranty was 12 months regardless of OEM / Retail.
Would have to buy Plextor 740 if 2 year warranty was important. At somewhere between £15 & £20 difference between the BenQ & the Plextor, I stuck with BenQ OEM


Plextor only claims one year on their site.


Buying at newegg…

Read here about newegg RMA policy. :wink:


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I’m in the UK see here :cool:


My retail 1640 came with a warranty card that listed 2yr warranty. Many PC shops may only help with a RMA in the first 12 months of purchase, but with retail version you can still contact Benq directly for a warranty claim. (assuming your model came with the 2yr wty card).


Hi :slight_smile:
I’m in the UK here’s BenQs response to my email regarding warranty

Country: United Kingdom

Question / Suggestion:

Is warranty of retail package (1640) the same as OEM I have two OEM
1640's & thinking about a third 

 Dear Zebadee

Yes this is correct the warranty of retail is same as OEM.

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