Benq (oem) or LiteOn (oem)?

I’ve had my Asus 1608P2S (Pioneer 110) drive for 5 months or so , it is not as good as reviews say about Benq or LiteOn drives , I only got the Asus because it was the only brand available here in Egypt -or that was what I thought- besides LG drives .
I’ve recently disscovered that the is also Sony 810A which is Benq 1640 oem and it can be crossflashed to Benq 1640 firmware , I decided to get it mainly for the things my Pio 110 can’t do :
1-Accurate Quality Scans

2-High quality burns for MOST OF media types not just famous ones

3-Reading bad discs with excellent error correction capabilities

I also knew yesterday that LiteOn drives are rebadged for other brands like Gigabyte and Aopen , we have Gigabyte and Aopen here in Egypt , I don’t know the exact models but I am trying to guess :

Aopen DUW1616L : LiteOn SHW 1635S

Aopen DUW1616L PRO : don’t know what :confused:

Aopen DSW1685L : LiteOn SHM 165P6S

Gigabyte GO-W1623A-RH : LiteOn SHW 1635S

For the above three needs , which drive is best for me ?

I was gonna get the Sony 810A (Benq 1640) but decided to wait and see your opinions , I don’t want to make the same mistake as with the Pio 110 .

2-High quality burns for MOST OF media types not just famous ones

You expect CRAP media to be burned like reliable ones. lol

I didn’t meant that , I meant that my Pio 110 can’t burn the Sony MIJ I have with decent quality and that media is no crap :bigsmile:
I am also frustrated that here in Egypt there are no TY or Verbatim MCC media , my brother who lives in the USA sent me these 2x50 pack spindles of Sony MIJ .
The strange thing is that , the Pio 110 burnt crappy CMC MAG E01 way better than the Sony :confused:
Pioneer 110 seems to burn nicely TY and MCC and it deals with other media as if they were crap , from my experience with it as well as the reviews , while other burners don’t do that . :a
For Sony D21 MIJ and Benq DAXON AZ2 , which is better , the Benq 1640 oem or the LiteOn drives that I listed ?

Please I need a quick answer . :bow:

i owend a Lite-On SHM 165P6S and i’m very happy with this drive.

well liteon bought benq, so I’d say further firmware support for benq drivers is a bit questionable (of course if I’m wrong, someone please correct me)