BenQ OEM 1625

Hi, I was using the BenQ OEM 1625 dvd burner and DVDDecrypter to create an ISO file of one of my DVDs. Midway through, it stopped being able to read the DVD so I canceled the operation.

Now, the drive won’t read any disks at all and permanently believes nothing has been inserted. Not only that, but it seems the tray has a mechanical problem as well in that it sometimes jerks open and closed and sometimes only partially closes.

Any idea what’s wrong? I can’t find any drivers for this device (it currently is using a 2001 Microsoft version). It also seems to be using the “GEARAspiWDM.sys” driver, which is the only non-Microsoft driver associated with the device. I flashed the drive with the BenQ firmware (GBGA) over the initial (GBIA) version, but that doesn’t help. I am running Windows XP.

If possible, I would really love to get this problem solved soon, as this is the family computer and I am the only one who would know enough to try and solve the problem. Once I go back to school on Monday, it won’t be addressed until summer.


Do you have any burning software installed? Roxio?