BenQ media?

So far I’ve only used TY and Verb. This BenQ media just caught my eye.

Anybody know what they are? Are they really BenQ or something else that BenQ puts their name on.

They make some hefty claims…

“Utilizes superb premium AZO dye that ensures stable writing with excellent quality”


“Life: 100 years with proper care / read more than 1,000,000 times”

The “AZO dye” makes me think they are Verbatim since that is what Verb advertises as well.

These are probably made by Daxon (BenQ’s media division) with Daxon’s own media code. They burn quite well on some writers but nobody is really sure how well they last. Daxon branded DVDs seemed to have been on the market for only about 6-8 months so it is a bit hard for anyone to tell how long they last.

They are going to be DAXON AZ2 discs, and they are not nearly as good as the description states. I wouldn’t pay a quarter for one of them, today.

Had a 25-pack of them that came with a BenQ DW1620 drive a while ago. They can be medium-quality media on a good day. You can see a few scans in this message and at the end of this thread.

Their + media seems to be slightly better than their - media, or the other way around.

Hard to tell. :wink: