BenQ media?

Having a bunch of credit I had to use up before it expired, I wound up with a retail 1620 (Malyasia, made in Oct) from for a whopping $11 last week…now fully understanding that it seems the quality and characteristics of BenQ’s of that vintage can be all over the map (at least it’s not from Newegg…) and also understanding that BenQ media has had a less than stellar reputation also…I couldn’t find any reasonably recent examples of BenQ 8x +R in the burn thread… any recent opinions or experiences ? Is it just naive to think BenQ might actually get the write strategy decently optimized for their own media ? (or does the drive division completely ignore the guys who simply source the next batch of cheap media they slap the BenQ label on…)

BenQ 8x DVD+R media is generally DAXON AZ2, and it’s utter CRAP. Do not buy it. Funniest of all, the 1620 firmwares (B7T9 and on, AFAIK, and probably some earlier ones too) think that it’s 16x capable media!! If you get a single good disc at that speed (ie, 96 or better CD-DVD Speed quality test score) then you have both a magical burner and an unusual example of BenQ media.
I’ve gone through over 200 of the damned things, from 5 different spindles purchased from different stores (in a 30 mile radius, admittedly) and I ended up exchanging the failures (about 30%). Thanks to Future Shop for their excellent 30-day guarantee.

While browsing these forums, I thought (after looking at the scans posted) that my burners just sucked (have 3 BenQ 1620s). I was totally, completely, 100% wrong. My new Fujis (TY T02) are perfect. Even the shittiest burn at 16x overspeed is better than the best DAXON AZ2 disc I’d previously done at 4x, 8x, or any speed.

I’d never buy BenQ again. Go with something that says “Made in Japan” on the side of it, or anything by Verbatim. I can’t tell you how much I hate BenQ media, it’s wasted so much of my time.

Note: BenQ DAXONs are quite consistent in their bad quality. Any bad quality in a batch generally extends to the entire batch, eg. on one of my BenQ spindles the C2 errors would always spike at the 3GB mark and ruin the disc. The whole spindle had almost identical scans.
Another spindle had C1 errors spiking to >200 at the 3.8GB point, making the DVD unplayable in my standalones… the entire fscking spindle was hosed like that.
So, if you get a good spindle, at least you might have an entire stack of decent discs. I wouldn’t bet on it tho.

I have two spindles of this media and although it doesn’t burn to Taiyo Yuden quality, it burns really well. My DVDSpeed scans have been in the 97-98 quality rating range quite consistently. Nice media. Maybe I got lucky. Burns well in non-BenQ burners too (I’ve burned it in all my burners except the now-sold DW800a).

My own experience never had a problem with BenQ branded DVD+R or DVD-R

DVD+R is DAXON AZ2 quality was never a problem though the discs don’t like being burned at 16x keep it to 8x or 12x, it did vary in quality but nothing to be worried about.

DVD-R is SONY 08D1 and burns well at 8x, 12x and 16x.

Been using those media since I first bought my 1620 in October last year no complaints so far.

Some recent examples with B7V9
BenQ DVD+R burned at 12x

BenQ DVD+R burned at 16x

BenQ DVD-R burned at 12x

BenQ DVD-R burned at 16x

Looks like decent media if you burn it at the right speeds. I would not call it “crap” unless you got unlucky and got a bad spindle or something.

I have the 8x -R’s that use Fujifilm03 die, and they’re great too. Quality scores usually 95-97.

I am not having that much chance with the two last spindles of BenQ 8X -R.
They are really craps!!!

Well Supermediastore has the BenQ 8x +R at 200 for $62 with free shipping and at 31 cents apiece I wasn’t expecting to burn at more than 8x anyway so I’ll probably try one spindle…also see if my LG 4163B doesn’t choke on them, it generally prefers -R media…

I think it depends on your standards… my minimum level of quality is 97 (CD-DVD Speed score) with less than 1000 PIF (for a full disc burn), and 25 PIE max. The Daxons gave me 2000 PIF (the good ones), max. 200 PIE, and quality scores of 95-97. That’s crap.

Besides absolute criteria, it’s also a matter of how and what you use them for, I burn a lot of ‘less-than-critical’ data, not video dubs and rarely fill the disks quite the way the average video dub does… I suspect that will reduce the error rate quite a bit…

Check for message #7 and the others below in that thread for my experience with BenQ media: