Benq Media

What is the difference between Benq media made in Taiwan and Malaysia?
I have been to Futureshop and found:
Made in Taiwan
100pack 4x DVD+R
50pack 8x DVD-R

Made in Malaysia
100pack 8x DVD+R
100pack 8x DVD-R
50pack 4x DVD+R

Is all the Benq DVD-R discs Sony rebranded, no matter where made? Similarly for Benq DVD+R discs Daxons?

Also, FS is selling most Benq media the same price as Mitsumi medias. Is Benq better than Mistumi?

yes, BenQ is way better.

so far i think Benq 8x DVD-R are all SONY08D1. this media is not too bad too.
nec3500/benq1620 likes this media very much as they can burn at 16x.

as for Benq 8x DVD+R( mediaid: DAXONAZ2), only benq 1620 can burn at 16x.
other drives in the market have been very conservative in overspeeding at 12x/16x ( in fact none so far other than benq1620 itself).

The Mitsumi media is CRAP. They are Laser media from what I can tell from the MID. And my Apex 1500 with custom backgroud :slight_smile: will not read a single one of those pieces of crap. The BenQ I have not had a problem with them at all. Use them for all my normal backups, but just in case I keep the really important stuff to TY :slight_smile: Bought like 800 of the BenQ during boxing week, so I hope this will cover me for 2 months or so