benQ media useless after 3 months

I burned these DVD’s about 3 months ago. To my horror only 5 of a 10 pack is reading, the drive won’t even recognise the disc, so I couldn’t even use isobuster!

DVD Indentifier gave this:

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-R:SONY08D1]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD-R] - [DVD-R]
Manufacturer Name : [Sony Recording Media Co.]
Manufacturer ID : [SONY08D1]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,298,496 Sectors = 4.71 GB (4.38 GiB)]

[ DVD Identifier - ]

The label say BenQ DV-R 8x

These burned very well at full speed as well as verified.
Can it be my recorder it is a LG, I bought last year.

Is there a way to recover these discs??

What is ‘full speed’? 16x? If so, you’re probably best off staying at 8x on that media. SONY08D1 is not the best media - m/b there are some dissenting opinions though. Which LG model do you have? You may want to have this discussion in the LG threads to get better troubleshooting tips. Good luck. :slight_smile:

At 8x these burned well and verified,
The drive is a LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4120B [FW A115], I will try the LG forum!

SONY08D1 is a suspect MID for longevity, C’t found poor climatic stability with these discs. Don’t let them in warm, humid environements.

But only three months? Ouch, that’s heavy. Probably a very bad batch. :frowning:

I think we should re-open a separate debate on longevity vs. burn speed. I have a very good hunch that had he burnt his disc at 4x it would have lasted longer…maybe 6 months :smiley: There again it’s funny how some major brand names are willing to tarnish their reputation by selling crap media. Example, BenQ makes decent writers, but average media (inconsistent batches). Another example, SONY, a big name, but from what I hear, poor media… KODAK DVDs, not being made by KODAK and crap quality… Why are companies willing to shoot themselves in the foot ? BECAUSE they know that the average buyer thinks KPROBE is another planet - BUT word goes out fast.

The BenQ SONY08D1 (made in Malaysia 50 spindle) burned @8X in my LG 4120B with A111 fw gives me better scanning results than those with A115 fw. The A115 one has 10 times more PIF than the A111. But there is no sign of deterioration yet after 5 months. Maybe you have a bad batch. Have you tried reading them in another drive?

My Kprobe results on 2 discs burned in May:

  1. scanned in May, SONY08D1 @8X in LG4120B with A111 fw
  2. same disc scanned last week
  3. scanned in May, SONY08D1 @8X in LG4120B with A115 fw
  4. same disc scanned today

here is the scan of SONY -R 8x / SONY08D1 burned in May, but i don’t have picture of scan right after burning to compare

you can’t trust any DVDr media for more than temporary storage

DVDr is pretty much a failed format.

I have heard and read pretty much the same comments in the first two-three years of CDRs. Too fragile, not reliable, failed burns, too easy to scratch etc…

My CDRs from 1995 are just like new. They happen to be Taiyo Yudens and Maxells (that’s what was available to me at this time). Most of the ones I’ve burned between 1997 and 1999 are dead. I stupidely bought anything cheap I could pick and I had a poor burner. As soon as I realised this was a quality problem, bought good discs and a good burner, my problems stopped.

All down to quality of the disc, quality of the burner, right combination of both, and user storing/handling (the latter being sometimes the most important factor, actually, I’ve noticed that many users don’t realise DVDRs are not to be treated like CDRs…)

When you see that some MIDs degrade in three weeks and others are as fresh as new after 2 years, the logical conclusion is not IMO “the technology is bad” but “the manufacturing quality is paramount” and “learn how to choose, burn, handle and store your discs”.

This could be said for any technology. Most floppy disks die faster than DVDRs because many users don’t know they’re sensitive to magnetic fields. Many HDs die faster than some DVDRs because the manufacturing is poor. I could go on like this for hours…

Sometimes technology stinks :wink:

It’s pretty embarassing to see some people’s 500 Commodore 64 disks 100% error free next to their CD-R that died after a year… :smiley:

However I’m surprised you didn’t react to his comment - DVD a failed format ? That is extreme… The DVD itself is NOT a failed format… The failed format is the VHS tape that keeps getting eaten by your VCR and that keeps deteriorating each time it is played back until one day the image is so bad you get migraines headaches from watching it :slight_smile:

Sorry but the only thing failed about DVD is the crappy companies that slap in landfill material on those plastics and selling it to unsuspecting customers around the world… A DVD that is properly built and inspected will out last you.

I’d be willing to spend a few cents more per unit on a disc that has some form of scratch/light/humidity protection layer on it.

Now if you have pets and you let them chew on your discs of course they won’t last long - or if you buy CRAP media. :slight_smile:

I’ve got some benQ media, DVD-Rs from over a year ago and they still perform fine!

:confused: I did…

Not the ONLY thing IMO but I do feel the same about this point :iagree:

I’d be willing to spend a few cents more per unit on a disc that has some form of scratch/light/humidity protection layer on it.
And so do I. I’d be willing to pay $5.- per disc if the discs were extremely reliable ans stable, antistatic (I think this point is too often forgotten as dust has a HUGE impact on burning quality), more or less insensitive to humidity etc… After all, a high quality videotape is about this price. :rolleyes: - maybe BlueRay will do the trick (enclosed in a cartridge, this I like!) :confused: