Benq Media for NEC 3540?

Hello All
Im hopeing someone can advise me on the quality of Benq Media ,-DVD media code DAXON008S,are they any good in the nec 3540 or should i go for verbatim?
In fact if any ones got any advice on the best media for this drive apart from the obvious -Taiyo Yuden- :slight_smile: I would apreciat it as im getting fedup buying disks only to find that the burn quality is less than desirable.
many thanks for any feedback

Read the review here at CD Freaks, especially media writing performance…

thanks for the reply ,Ive read the review before but Iam really Intreasted in the performance of the Benq -DVD with this drive which I didn’t see mentioned in the review.

:doh: silly me just seen the Benq disks at the top of the review,couldn’t see it for looking, but im interested in Disks with the media code DAXON008S.