Benq made in China?

Hmmm always though it was Tawain. Am I wrong here? Looking at the side of a hp 640i box and it says made in China. Could it be that hp is using more than benq 1625 drives for its 640i? Or is it they take the Drive to china for a spell :stuck_out_tongue:

Benqs are made in China and Malaysia. HP uses Benq (640c), LG (640b) and Liteon (640r) drives. There is a thread about this here somewhere.

BenQ company fact sheet

I hope our Singapore members can fill in with more details… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s like most Asus motherboards are MIC, but it doesn’t change the fact that Asus is a Taiwanese company. With the cheap-ass labour they have in China you can probably expect buying MIC products 90% of the time eventually. Unfortunately, low price and good quality don’t seem to mix most of the time… :Z

benq is taiwan, just some products are made in china.

Taoyuan Plant (Taiwan) : ISO-9000, ISO-14000, ODC, OHSAS 18001, TL-9000
Suzhou Plant (China) : ISO-9000, ISO-14000, TL-9000
Penang Plant (Malaysia) : ISO-9000, ISO-14000, ODC
Mexicali Plant (Mexico) : ISO-9000, ISO-14000, OHSAS 18001

From what I hear, most of the burners are made in M’sia and China. In fact, they have a special line in China just for manufacturing for another renowned brand, P******, too.

Singapore? I assume you confused the company’s origin to Singapore.
As others mentioned, BenQ is a Taiwanese company though every company becomes international nowadays.

As for the MIC drives, I remember people had an vague idea that Malaysian 1620 is a little bit better than Chinese one. So when I received a Chinese one I was a little bit disappointed.

But my 1620 is working with perfect quality after burning 300 DVDs while we’re seeing reports of the horrible failure of “Malaysian October 03 (right?)” drives. It’s impossible to make any conclusions with these few statistical samples, but at least I don’t feel I’m unlucky anymore. :slight_smile:

Nah… I know very well BenQ is a Taiwan based company… :smiley:

I just wanted our Singapore members to fill in with more details about which models are produced in China resp. Malaysia, because I think they know it better then the rest of us. :bigsmile:
I’m looking at elee and MacClipper

Not in my eyes since I’m an ethnic Taiwanese who holds Taiwanese citizenship…:stuck_out_tongue:

But really, I believe all 1620 production lines are either in Malaysia or China. Haven’t seen one that comes from Mexico or Taiwan yet, though I think BenQ has plants in those places, too.

BenQ is a Taiwanese company, however they produce the 1620 in either Malaysia or China.
I think they make LCD’s in Taiwan though…

even on the 1625 boxes it says made in china so they are just getting cheap labor mainly even though they are based in Tawain (Chinas silent takeover of Tawain? :o )

Meh, getting cheap labour from China is not something new. Most companies in the world are doing that right now. Couple of years from now you can probably see MIC Toyota even. As for the “silent takeover”, that’s a bit farfetched but not entirely untrue. You gather money from 1.2 billion people and you can always find some guy who’s willing to sell you his house, wife, children and country. Pretty sad, but that’s how the world works.

Most of Wal-Mart’s products (maybe even all…) are made in China.

Not all, some are made in Sri Lanka, and amazingly, some even in Canada.

Being a foreign company and all, when Walmart started up here, they made some promises to the effect that at least half of their inventory would be Canadian made (at least for their Canadian stores anyways). I don’t know if they’ve actually been keeping that promise or if anyone’s even checked though.

Hm, dumb question then… When I had my Nu Technology DDW-163 (Rebadged BenQ DW1620A) it said something about China on the drive. I couldn’t find any thing remarking about it being Made in Taiwan. Is it just that Nu Tech’s distribution/packaging center is in China and that’s how they label the drive?

Little off subject
Trust Canada to screw that up too, Walmart in the States is 10x better with much better selection than the stores here in Canada. IMO :rolleyes:

Walmart still sucks though. Always crowded and always filled with people I’d rather not bother with on a daily basis at least around here. I try to avoid it if possible. :bigsmile:

I agree they just suck 10x worse here. :iagree:

I have heard that Wal Mart puts items that are a lot cheaper than other stores near the entrances, so shoppers assume everything else is going to be cheaper as well…

I find it interesting that you guys are so bother about where the drives are made nowadays. Its all about qaulity control, and that can never be 100% as in the manufacturing process, the factory concern has only a relatively short time span to ensure that it has met a certain standard (pre-determined). Then the product get shipped. That’s why there are such things as RMA, warranty, refund, exchange, etc

Furthermore, (a little off topic), we all know abit make pretty excellent mobo, and their factory is also in China. It is silly to suggest that because the workers there make less money will automatically equate to inferior product. There are some people who do take pride in the work they do, and in the tech industry, I think the quality of product manufactured in China, with Taiwanese company’s reputation, and quality control, are pretty much right up there.