Benq Ls Dw1655 Please Help

hey guys im a newb at installing a DVD burner well i put it into my tower hooked up the right cables and such and there is power and the unit opens but it will not read and now my other cd burner i have installed will not work for some reason…i went to my Device manager and there is a yellow question mark by the BenQ and the DVD burner did not come with any software other than Nero…can anyone help me so i can get this all running right???please and thank you

Sounds like your drive didn’t install properly. First of all did you set the jumpers to the proper position on the back of the drive? IE: Master or Slave position. If the jumpers are set correctly and you are running Windows(you didn’t say which version) go tho the device manager under ATA/ATAPI controllers and uninstall the IDE channel that has your DVD and CD-ROM drive on it(probably the Secondary IDE channel) Reboot your machine and Windows should reinstall the drives properly. Hope this helps. Let us know.:slight_smile: