Benq Lightscribe problem

I just bought a new Benq 1625 Lightscribe drive and cant seem to get the lightscribe function to work.

I’ve tried Nero Express, CyberLink DVD Solution and SureThing CD Labeler Deluxe, all of which are supposed to support lightscribe but no option is given for selecting lightscribe in any of these programs.I’ve also upgraded to the latest firmware but still no way to select the lightscribe function. Do I have a defective drive? Any help would be appreciated.

you need the lightscribe host… scroll down where it says download here…i did that and it works great

Ahhh that did it! Many thanks!

no problem…hope u love the drive as much as i do


I have this Drive too, I think it burns great!!! The Only think is that I cant get it to burn at 16X on any Media.

My 1620 does and it does it pretty well. I would be happy if it could burn at 12X.

Has your 1625 Burned at any speed past 8X?

I wish a new firmware would come out soon addressing this issue?

I wish for new firmware period, even it it doesnt support overspeeding. Its like they have forgetten about this drive.

Mine doesnt burn past 12x.

I’m with you guys, I love this drive so much. Very fast and stable ripper with MSCE, and every single burn I’ve done so far gets excellent scans. I frequently get burns on ty02 with only a handful of PIFS, and none over 1! Even better than my NEC 3500, which I almost thought would be an impossible mission :slight_smile: . I only burn at 8x anyway for best quality, and 8min is fine for me, so I don’t really care much about the overspeeding thing.

I kinda like this drive better than my 1640 I think, for reading anyway it seems more solid. For burning they are very close. Maybe future 1640 firmware will change that. I haven’t even tried lightscribe or loaded the software. I haven’t really checked, but I’m thinking lightscribe discs cost a little/lot more? Same reason I’ve never bought a DL disc, I can’t see spending $6 for a single disc, especially when so many ppl have big problems burning DL.