BenQ launches 16x DVD recordable drive - DW1600 DVDRW

I just posted the article BenQ launches 16x DVD recordable drive - DW1600 DVDRW.

Europe, 1st of June, 2004 '“ BenQ announced that it
will start shipping its first 16x DVD recordable drive, the DW1600, in the
middle of June, 2004. BenQ will feature the 16x DVD…

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That’s odd, not being able to record to -R/RW straight out of the box.

yeah very ood indeed, i think they are imporving the firmware, they need more time, they are buying time indeed like DW822A -> DL support will on September DW830A - burning also taken out i think anyway, Benq do promise, so we shall wait :slight_smile: mitodna

I don’t understand, a firmware upgrade to allow DVD-R/-RW recording? Shouldn’t they be releasing one that allows DL recording instead? And why doesn’t it support DVD-R/-RW straight out of the box? Seems an oddball product to me…

heh, seems like a rush-released product to me to be first to market. Pass.