BenQ & Kodak DVDs on a 4120



Hello all…

I picked up a 100 Kodak DVDs at futureshop for $59.99cdn yesterday rated at 4x but write at 8x.

Now the kicker…

FutureShop has 200 BenQ 4x -/+ DVD for $59.99!!! I’ve not opened the Kodak’s, so thinking about returning for the BenQ. I’ve read the BenQ can also write at 8x.

Only bad thing is they are not on a spindle and just sealed in a box.

What is everyones thoughts ?


Hm search the forum(s) for BenQ media … I am not sure they are really good. And look at DVD Identifiers data base at - you will see some results there I guess. Also read the comments, esp the new ones. Media often changes over time (like Sep it was great, now it sucks). Happens all the time!

Here are results for BenQ

They look mixed… obviously you never know what you get :confused:


Thankz for the info.

I’ll take a look… Was also concerned about the disks being warped… not being on a spindle and all.


I would be too … not sure whether I would buy discs in a box or just shrink wrapped…


I have bought the Kodak 100’s before (twice because thought a new batch might be diff).
They say x8 on the pack, yet Nero reports them as being only x4. I was disappointed (twice) as I had bought a pack of 25 and they came up at x12!

The 25 pack, except for the top disc (which was a x4 disc) were all blank, while the 100 pack had the kodak logo on each disc.

Best buy has (had) x8 Vakoss for CAN$49/100, and they report/burn at x8 with the 4120.

Playback on home players (panasonic sony & Apex) is good.

Get those!


The Kodak discs (mostly prodisc) are no good, the BenQ’s are definately a better buy. The BenQ FS is selling is actually 8x discs not 4x, but depending on the firmware of your 4120 you they might burn at only 4x.


btw. I’m using A115 with my drive.
I’m surprised that Kodak puts x8 on them and the LG 4120 doesn’t recognize them as that. Maybe ‘most other’ drives will burn them at x8 - dunno.


If you’re talking about the batch FS is sellling, a lot of people is having problems burning the +R discs at 8x (or even getting them burned at 4x). If you read the reviews on their site, it has been reported that the discs themselves carry the “fine printe” of 4x. That’s why I was recommending the BenQ instead, they would be the better of the two even if they weren’t on sale…


I have experience with all of the media involved here. The media codes on the BenQ media are:
BenQ 8x DVD-R: Sony, 16x overspeed supported on many burners incl Pioneer, etc
BenQ 4x DVD-R: Sony
BenQ 8x DVD+R: Daxon AZ2, overspeed 16x support on DW1620, others?
BenQ 4X DVD+R: Daxon AZ1

Daxon is BenQ’s related media division. The -R media is always a great value and a solid choice for any burner.

As for the Kodaks, let the rant begin. None of this media is actually produced by Kodak, it is just “licensed.” I have received the 4x junk media (MEDIAID001) in 8x packaging and promptly returned it. I received the same media under Future Shop’s Cicero brand and it is the worst media I have ever used; even visually it looks like junk with wavy, inconsistent dye. I keep a spindle around for amusement as my “acid test” for burners. The latest NEC 3500A firmware only supports that media code at 2.4x. It burns horribly (most are coasters especially beyond the 4G range) and does not work well with any burner I own or have owned, and that includes (misc brands incl. Liteon, LG, Pioneer, BenQ and NEC) 812S, 1633S, 4120B, 4160B, 4163B, DVR-109, DW1620, ND-3500A. These tests were all with final or near final firmware versions. In the beginning I bought some small packs of 4x Kodak media and they were Prodisc which burned with excellent quality, and was sometimes 8x certified media as well. As was mentioned above, buy the Vakoss from Best Buy as they are always Prodisc, always 8x certified and are an excellent value.

The Kodaks seemed to be better in the beginning, including with their CD-R media. I picked up an initial CD-R spindle wondering who this “licensed” media would actually be produced by, and it was Gigastorage. This initial media had a nice branded surface and actually turned out excellent quality burns. I picked up another pack the next time they were on sale, and it was unbranded surface discs produced by CMC (I hate CMC CD-R media, skipping probs on mix CD’s is what got me started on all this media testing and analysis). So basically this “licensed” Kodak product seems to be going to the dogs quickly and you don’t even know if what the packaging says will actually be inside, or even of reasonable quality. Don’t waste your time with the Kodaks, they shouldn’t be rewarded for this inconsistent and apparently spiralling quality, which appears to be a profit-driven destruction of their storage media reputation. Apparently some packs are produced in India as well, but I have no experience with these. Regardless, it’s a crapshoot, and the bottom line is it shouldn’t be with a brand like Kodak.


What about the 50disc spindle that FS is selling?? The site says that it has a gold write surface while the 200pack is shiny purple. Which one is better? Also is the BenQ spindle better or the Verbatim Spindle on sale at Staples/Business Depot better??


I should all be the same stuff, probably a type of FS’ part. As for the Staples offer, they are good discs also, but it’s more expensive and it’s a rebate (without the rebate they’re not much of a special, if I recall correctly it’s $5 off + $35 rebate).


I have a LG 4163b, can anyone tell me which one will work better with my burner?? The BenQ or Verbatim?? Also which works better with the 4163? DVD+ or DVD-??


For me they both work fine (specifically Daxon AZ2 & MCC003) quality wise, burn quality is a bit better with the Verbatims but I’ve stocked up on the AZ2 because of the great price. As for +/-R I find that its more media dependent then the actual type, but personally I prefer the +R.


I was speaking of the 50pk spindles they are selling. They are a shiny purple writing surface as with most DVD blanks, and they have a branded surface which is white. Future Shop’s product data on the info pages is often inaccurate. I do not have experience with the 200pk kits, but I have bought all different spindle sizes and they are all as I described. The printing on the white surface is different colors for the different + and - types. All of these BenQ media types work well on current LG models (my experiences are with the 4120B, 4160B, and 4163B).

Verbatim is generally always better but you will never get them at these prices. Verbatim is basically the reference media for most drive mfg’s, so they are always a safe and very frequently supported for overspeed burning even on LG’s, which is rare for LG drives. But again, you never see Verbatim (or Taiyo Yuden for that matter) for these “steal of a deal” prices. The BenQ are a great value in that respect. And none of the usual retail “mail in rebate” BS either, which I hate to support.


The 200 pack is just two 100 piece spindles in a carton. The two spindles inside carries the same UPC as the individual 100 piece spindles. The only problem with the 200 pack is the cartons doesn’t hold the spindles securely, so the cake boxes are prone to have their bases shattered in shipping.


As a followup to this media roundup, Best Buy (Canada) currently has a “preferred customer sale” going on tonight. It has finished in the stores, but you can get the online deals until tomorrow morning I believe. The relevance of this to this thread is that media is 20% off, so Verbatim 16x DVD+R 16x 25pk spindles are $24 with free shipping. Media Code is MCC 004, if you were wondering…best price I have seen on this media. They also carry Fuji 8x 50pk spindles which are on for $40 as well, but you won’t be able to hand-pick the “made in Japan” ones…


ok I decided not to get the BenQ 200 pk.

I don’t want to chance the warped disks.

the media code on the Kodak’s are MAM4XG01.

They do burn at 4x… mind you still using old firmware…

Any heard of this media ?? any good ?


Kodak DVDs are generally of poor quality. All they do is stamp a well known brand name on third rate media. If you don’t like the BenQ, try the Maxell (preferably the made in Japan ones).


Ok but I’m stuck with these Kodaks now so I have to deal with em.

I was just wondering if anyone heard of this media.

From searching the forums, the BenQ drives seem to have a heck of a time with em.

I had no problems burning…

have not tested with DVD player yet.

oh and I love BenQ…

just not the ones in a box shink wraped.


I didn’t know Kodak still sells optical media. MAM4XG01 is whose MID?