BENq jumper default?

I recently purchased a 1655 and I’m starting to wonder if I was sent a reburbished/returned item. It wouldn’t really bother me much, but about 60% of my burns are failing. Sometimes the burn just hangs there. I’m using Verbatim DL discs from two batches, so I don’t think it’s the discs. I’m burning with ImgBurn.

I was first suspicious of receiving a refurbished/returned item when I noticed the jumper cable was set to slave. Is that normal? Isn’t it usually on master?


My new Philips 1660P1 came also with jumper set to slave per default, and it burns perfect. Maybe thats because today many mainboards have only one IDE channel left. So some manufacturer might think that most people have already a drive or harddisk on that channel and set the jumper to slave per default.

I was also suspicious when my first 1650 arrived from newegg jumpered as slave. But, just got another new one from ZZF, and it was also on slave, so - guess that’s the shipping default… Weird, huh? :rolleyes:

Have bought 3 BenQ 1655’s new and all came set to slave! :smiley:

I was thinking: Why would they set the jumpers to slave? It’s a nuisance and BENq would just get unnessesary calls from customers. People who are installing DVD drives obviously (maybe?) know what their doing, but people who are installing slave drives most likely know what their doing. Right?

Check this out guys! I emailed BENq today and got a response today! WOW! I’m just not sure about the rep’s grammar.

-------------------------Here’s the official word from BENq:--------------------


I regards to our jumper setting’s yes they are typicaly set to master. it is verry simple to change them as need’d please if you haveany questions feel free to ask . . .

best regards,

Technical Support/
Customer Service
BenQ America Corp.
Fax (949) 623-0880
53 Discovery
Irvine, CA 92618, USA

Hm, they say typical, that must not mean always. But maybe the robot who sets the jumpers only need some adjustment.-)

My 3 BenQ’s also all had the jumpers on Slave. :iagree:
I think it’s the default from BenQ, regardless of
what their tech support said as quoted in another post. :bigsmile:

I think a slave default would get less calls than a master default, since most people will own a CD-Rom or CD-RW already that they’ll probably keep in their tower.

I think my 1650 OEM was slave by default too