Benq is becoming an ordinary brand!

It is becoming so boring!!! Very few FW update … Qsuite 2.1 is more than a year old … where is the fun gone? :frowning:

With OEM drives going for $30 it’s kinda hard to pay for all those things.


what do you expect?
Benq sold their ODD branch to Liteon, they are retiring from european ODD market right now.
Recent Philips drives are rebadged Liteons.

Benq is dead.


Yup! Dead as a doornail. All surviving members of the notorious “BENQ Cult” should report for de-programming.

I think I will try some other brands. Up to now I have always baught BenQ/Philips and Sony/liteon. Since Benq is becoming Liteon … It is like having one brand in my computer!!!
I will try those Pioneer …

BenQ sold out to Lite-On. What is there left to say or do?

The latest Lite-On 160/165 series is just about as good as any of the BenQ drives, it seems, and is up to date and feature rich, while the BenQ line remains stale.

BenQ was great for its time, but its time is past.

It’s time to move on.

Last firmware updates for BenQ DW1640, 1650, 1655 and 1670 were just less than 2 months ago.

where is the fun gone? :frowning:
How about some fun here: ~~~ The Big BenQ/Philips Fun Competition ~~~ :wink:

On a side note, I would like to remind people that it’s BenQ own decision to manage their business so I don’t expect any bashing or blaming of other drive manufacturer here. :wink:

Can’t see any bashing or blaming going on in here…
It is sad that BenQ made decisions to jump but I don’t think the brains behind the drive (Nexperia chipset) is going away.

Lots of rebadged BENQ 1650/1655 drives at Compusa so as long as they are still available it’s all good to me. I did buy my first LG drive which I’m exchanging at BB this weekend and hopefully will get one that works better in terms of quality scans. I notice how there have been those who said the BENQ 1655 is better than the 1650 when the only difference is the lightscribe feature. It makes me wonder if it’s the same for the LG H22N/H22LI drives. The quality scans seem better with the non lightscribe drive H22N than the H22LI.

Hey Zevia! I think I’m going to have to invest in that THERMALTAKE ARMOR case that you have since I have way too many dvd burners and I’m running out of room. Hahahahahaha!!! :wink: :bigsmile:

Poor BenQ and poor us. I bought my BenQ 1655 a few days ago and i am happy with it. It was made in China in January 2006. The shop had about ten 1655 to offer so i cannot say they are vanishing… I still could buy the other 9… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Hopefully Lite-On will incorporate many of the good things that were in the BenQ drives into their future drives and we will all benefit from that.

Yes they have!!! They started 6 month ago … and all their tools are still “beta” :confused:
Thanks to C0deKing we still have some tools to play with…
With the new media getting out there (DVD RW DL) do you guys think a firmware update will get our drives able to read/write them?
For liteon I seriously doubt, If Benq was still alive they probably would have enabled …
May be ala42 will play around :bigsmile:

Nexperia has evolved, the BenQ and Philips Blu-Ray drives will both feauture SolidBurn… So, corporate strategies/decisions aside, we’re still looking at new burners which still incorporate self-learning technologies (and this includes LiteOn and Plextor). The future is not as bleak as people think…

Just alot more expensive.:sad:

Especially if Plextor is involved. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lite-On’s new 160/165 line incorporate good stuff. Smart-Burn, auto-adjusting write strategy, OPC (Optimal Power Calibration), Smart-X speed monitoring and adjustment, and the ABS Anti-Vibration thing. Full-on Bit Setting for all 3 types (DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD+R DL) and hardware quality scans.

Feature set is looking more like a BenQ every time.

Plextor has many such features, but for the life of me, I don’t get why they charge $100 for their drive and others are around the $30-$35 mark. I guess it’s just because they can, not because they are necessarily better.

Are there any features that the BenQ drives have had that is lacking in the new Lite-On and Plextor drives?

What 1640 firmware is only 2 mos. old, and where is it?

where did you buy DW1655 - if you are in US?
I have been trying to find DW1655 in US for couple of weeks/months. I m not looking for Norwood Micro or IOmagic rebadged 1655/1650


Yeah, man! What gives? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, the Liteys leave nothing to be desired when compared with BenQs at the moment, and their firmware development team seems to be on the ball too. I will be getting two new drives in the near future, one will be one of the new Samsung models (the one I have now is the best reader i’ve ever had, and it has proven its worth with a variety of very scratched discs). The other will definitely be a Litey. Haven’t bought a Litey since my 1693, and I do miss them!

I couldn’t agree more about the ridiculous price of the Plextors, and this is the reason I never bought one, (and most probably won’t get one in the future either, unless the Plextor execs get their fingers out of their collective ***holes and drop their prices to the level of their competitors).