Benq/IOMagic DVD writer with TDK(CMC MAG E01) media help



I am using the BenQ DW 1620 (right now it is in its original IOMagic conriguration Firmware G7C9) DVD writer and I need to know which media to get. I have TDK (CMC MAG E01) media, but I have read in some places that this is not good media and does not give good results and I have read in other places that this media works (or at least can work) well with this writer.
I will be using this media to make copies of about 40 (non-copywrited) DVDs for several others (who will be splitting the cost of the orginal DVD’s). Since I will be making about 120 copies, cost is an issue. Should I use this media or should I find something better? :confused: Also should I upgrade the firmware (always a risky proposition) or keep it the way it is? :confused: And if so which is the right firmware? :confused:



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Personally…I would cross flash f/w to B7T9 go buy some Fujifilm 8X (Made In Japan) or some Verbatim 16x at Best Buy to make your own to keep and burn the TDK CMC MAG E01’s for your friends. I have some CMC MAG E01’s i use for friends or in-laws and use my better media for my home. CMC MAG E01 works good on the BenQ 1620 but i just like the others mentioned for my use. If you don’t know how to cross flash there’s plenty of info here on how to do it. Some say it will void the warrenty. You can get the tools here >


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  1. I get good results with my Memorex CMC MAG E01’s from Walmart, but I think the disks vary some, so I recommend downloading CD Speed @ then choose Extra->disk quality scan. Post the results and we’ll help you figure out if these disks will work for you.
  2. Upgrading the firmware is not that risky and in general will give you better burns. Search for instructions B7T9.cvt which would be a good bet
    In general, most people feel that Tayo Yudens are excellent disks. You can get them at

Edit: it looks like Rolling56 beat me to it and had similar ideas


I bought the external I/O Magic. I burned a disc with the G7C9 firmware that came with the drive. The quality scan of that burn looked terrible. I switched to retail firmware and the burns now have great quality scans.

I do have 20 ‘Teon’ CMC MAG E01 discs that I bought from Staples for $5. The firmware 47L9 used with external burners had trouble with these discs. But, they burn GREAT with the B7P9 firmware. (Both on my external I/O Magic/BenQ and my internal BenQ unit.

I have a hand full of different media. The ones that burn the ABSOLUTE best are Taiyo Yuden +R, 8X (YUDEN000T02) burned at 12X, although Verbatim 16x burn really well at 12x too.


ABSOLUTELY upgrade your firmware. That firmware is very old and it was known to produce poor results.

You may consider it risky to update it, but in my opinion it’s far more risky, in terms of frustration and bad burns, NOT to upgrade it.


After reading the what has been said here and other things, I brought back the TDK disks and got some Verbatim (MCC 003) disks instead. I noticed on the package that it said Verbatim is a subsudary of Mitsubishi Chemical Company, interesting. I have also decided to reflash with the latest firmware (B7T9 I think)

Thanks for the help


Good media :wink: I just use the CMC MAG E01’s for testing and friends and family. It’s not that bad but i use my better media for myself. Happy burning :slight_smile:


Interesting, the official IOmagic firmware is version G7Z9. Does this mean that it is newer than the BenQ? The other previous versions followed BenQ’s version scheme. Not sure. Is there anything known about this one or should I just try the DOS flasher and reflash to a BenQ Firmware?


G7P9 is supposed to be the same as B7P9. We’ve known about G7Z9 but no-one has really tried it out and stayed with it. Flash to BenQ f/w at you own risk. Some say it viods warrenty. You can use a windows flasher (WinDWflash) and .cvt file from here if you want to instead of DOS >