Benq installation problem ...... help!

just bought my first dvd burner, the benq dw1655 and I can’t get things to work properly. I’m not particularly technical but didn’t think switching drives would be a problem … wrong!!
I haven’t reached the point of trying to burn a disc yet because I’ve lost audio … not just on the benq drive (which replaced a sony cdrw) but also on the other (oem) dvd drive as well and the audio/video files stored on my hard drive. I’m getting the pictures ok just no sound!
I noticed when installing the new benq that it did not have a socket for the analogue audio lead (previously plugged into the sony cdrw) but I assumed that didn’t matter and that the audio would travel down the ribbon lead … am I wrong in this assumption?
Not sure what to do next so help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you got the master/slave jumpers set correctly?
You’re right about the ribbon cable, the sound is sent digitally down to the computer to sort out.
There seems to be another problem on your system if the sound from your HDD is lost as well.
Have you installed any new software?

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Firstly check your jumper settings as weedougie suggests. It sounds likely that it’s set to slave & you’ve installed it as master.
Audio is digital & done via the IDE cable.

Thanks for responding.
I’ve set the jumpers so that the benq is the master (as was the cdrw it replaced) and re-checked that the oem dvd is set as the slave which it is. The only software installed recently is what came with the benq drive ie. nero and qsuite. I’ve been 'messing around, opening with various programs and strangely, although there is no audio with windows media player, real player, musicmatch jukebox or nero showtime, oddly power dvd works!!
I’ve also noticed that when I insert a disc into the benq drive (audio or dvd), it takes an age for the applet asking what I want to do to appear and my cpu, which is 2 ghz screams up to 100% effectively temporarily freezing everthing else.
Not sure what to try next other than reinstall the software!
Any alternative suggestions?

Hi :slight_smile:
Check audio settings. It could be that due to previous setup, analogue was set as default. If so change to digital.
On the other how about checking/enabling DMA

I’ll look into the DMA shortly. Excuse my ignorance but how do I, or where do I check the audio settings?

Hi :slight_smile:
Control Panel > Sounds & Audio Devices would be a good start. :iagree:

I can’t see anything in Control Panel > Sounds & Audio Devices which gives me an option of changing between analogue and digital?
DMA enabled.

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Just go to show how things vary. Go through Device Manager > Sound,Video & Game Controllers. You can also check drives are enabled for digital sound. You probably need to go through options with stuff like media player too.

IIRC digital audio is enabled by default… :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Incredible … pc froze so I rebooted but only got the blue screen … rebooted again and got the blue screen again. Did this 4 times and got so fed up I went and had a coffee! Came back and rebooted again and amazingly audio is now working. Haven’t checked out much else yet but hopefully it was just a conflict or glitch which has now resolved itself … yipee!
Anyway thanks everyone for your input and help … no doubt ‘I’ll be back’ with more questions soon!