Benq i640 install problems

replaced my sony dvd drive with a benq 1640 combo drive when i use my old sony cd rewriter i get o\s crash. can anyone please help :confused:

If it’s an IDE drive are you sure the jumper settings are the same as the sony drive (master or slave)? What OS are you running? Does windows start and then crash? When you boot the machine does your boot screen show the drive?

i unpluged the sony dvd and put the benq in the same way. running xp like u say windows start then crash if i unplug the power to the sony cd all works fine but no cd drive. have not looked at reboot yet . good forum this one thanks for your help.

Sounds like bad jumper settings.

bang on guys jumper setting it was :slight_smile: had look up jumper settings :o easy when you know how thanks for all help :bow:

for any fools like me who dont know what a jumper is, here goes. on back of dvd drive their are 6 pins in a group, they have a coloured clip that fits over 2 of in pins up and over. what you need to do is pull ont this clip with your nails if u have any or for the nervous long nosed pliers. which 2 pins u insert the clip into determents if u are on the master or slave. i had dvd and cd on slave “wrong” i pulled out clip “jumper” put it in master .now life is good easy when u know how hope this helps someone

Hi :slight_smile:
If anyone has similar problems, have a look here